Mechanical Pencil Works in Progress

Gump and Rosie, 9" x 12" pencil in progress

Gump and Rosie, 9″ x 12″ pencil in progress

More pencils I have been working on. Now using the 005 HB mechanical pencil with a Staedtler 6B for extra dark bits (pupils, nostrils and a few other spots). They needed names, so they are Gump & Rosie.

9" x 12" pencil in progress

9″ x 12″ pencil in progress (click to enlarge)

9" x 12" pencil in progress

9″ x 12″ pencil in progress

Sometimes I get to a certain point and set it aside. This last one has been at this stage for a couple weeks and it’s not done but I haven’t decided what else to do with it. I think a background but I fear all the inevitable smudging.

Another good pencil video: How to Shade with a Pencil by LethalChris Drawing.

Hello to Paint Party Friday and thank you to all the recent visitors! It’s nice to be back in action. :D

10 thoughts on “Mechanical Pencil Works in Progress

  1. Giggles

    Oh my goodness…your characters truly make me smile so much… I love how their personalities pop off the page… They make me so happy!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. clara

    I like your new style…..looks like you can get alot more details then copics. …and B&W also sharpens the details even more. Look forward to seeing them finished!

  3. MOM

    Gump & Rosie are adorable & I guess you are really enjoying the mechanical pencil! You go girl! & again don’t forget “the book”-with so many of your characters! OX OX Mom

  4. minnemie

    I’m back! I’m back! (Or at least I think I am?) You have been busy in black and white – wow. SO much depth. Their eyes are so alive. And their noses so… intriguing! Does that make me officially weird? I am doing a nose study on your creatures!:-)

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