Hattie, Jim, Miranda, Giles – More Friends in Pencil


Hattie 9" x 12" pencil

9″ x 12″ pencil

Hattie in progress, 9" x 12" pencil

Hattie in progress, 9″ x 12″ pencil (click to enlarge)

Jim & Miranda 9" x 12" pencil

Jim & Miranda
9″ x 12″ pencil

Giles with Bowtie 9" x 12" pencil

Giles with Bowtie
9″ x 12″ pencil

Still at it! 005 mechanical pencil with HB lead, and some 4B and new 8B Staedtler pencils.

Thanks to all for stopping by and leaving nice comments! Hello to Paint Party Friday!

16 thoughts on “Hattie, Jim, Miranda, Giles – More Friends in Pencil

  1. MOM

    Looks like you’re really enjoying the new Special pencils-Miranda, Giles & the other 2 “Guys” have so much detail-they seem to want to visit & play! OX OX Mom

  2. Giggles

    I swear these characters speak without saying a word…the expression is AMAZING!! I feel so privileged to see these images each week!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      That is a good idea! I used to write a bit more about the characters. And if they’re ever going to end up in a book, it’s about time to get back to it. :D

  3. minnemie

    Cindy, your shading is incredible. So is your imagination. That makes you incredible! You worked magic with markers, but these pencil drawings takes your art to a whole new level of wow. Keep going!

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