Enid, Hamish, Peko, Bordeaux, Lindy. Pencils!

Enid, 9" x 12" Pencils

Enid, 9″ x 12″ Pencils

Enid in progress

So, instead of one or two nights like most of these 9×12 pencils I’ve been doing, I put in an extra couple days on this one for added depth and detail. Frequent visitors to this blog may recall my love of snoods!

And here is some of the rest of the gallery from the past couple weeks (with bird friends!):

Hamish with New Friend, Peko & Midori

Hamish with New Friend, Peko & Midori (click to enlarge)

Midge & Bordeaux, Lindy and Margaret

Midge & Bordeaux, Lindy and Margaret (click to enlarge)

A few notes. So much smudging! In some cases, I have tried to remove the smudging (in Adobe Elements where I do most of my brightness corrections and resizing), but some still show more smudging that others. Also, I have included my blog address because while lots of people re-post images, many of them do not mean to “steal” but to share. Those sorts of folks will leave an identifier so I have included the link.

Friends, I must confess – I have THREE ink projects I have put off. The bad excuse is that I am in pencil mode! But the truth is that procrastination and fear of bad outcomes continue to bedevil me. That much said, I may have some inky things (and procrastination recovery to report) next time!

Thanks so much for dropping in! Hello to Paint Party Friday!


19 thoughts on “Enid, Hamish, Peko, Bordeaux, Lindy. Pencils!

  1. Lisa Isabella Russo

    Oh these are wonderful! So whimsical and lovely. I tend to procrastinate when I reach a certain point with a painting sometimes too… I’m sure your projects will be brilliant!

  2. MOM

    Cindy-these new critters & their bird friends are amazing!! Everyone has their “doubts” ever so often but your finished work is amazing & that counts!!
    OX OX Mom

  3. Giggles

    You always make me happy with these characters…smudges or whatever… I LOVE them all, they need their very own world… The expressions are so amazing…hard to believe someone of your artistic caliber is afraid of bad outcomes… I bet even your worst piece is amazing, whimsical and fun!! Such a delight…so glad you came to the party!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. sue

    I sometimes forget how much I love to work with pencil…but you are right about the smudging. It can get very messy! Your characters are always so great!

  5. Beth

    I adore all of these whimsical characters. What a wonderful artist you are! Your charming artwork fills my eyes, which is the greatest compliment I can give. Happy PPF!

  6. bella sinclair

    Hello, hello, helloooooo! I love ink, oh how I love ink. But pencil! Pencil is close to my heart. I love these! Coming here is like getting swept up by a tornado and landing in Oz. So many incredible, incredible beasts, each one more amazing than the last. How you keep coming up with these fantastical creatures leaves me stunned, honest to goodness! I aspire to be more like you. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. clare

    Adorable pieces…..you are into big noses! I love the softness of pencils and intricate details……especially the fur textures and patterns.

  8. ruth hayes

    It is fun to switch up the mediums once in a while, isn’t it. Love the doggy ones best.

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