Daisy and Others, in Pencil

Daisy, 9" x 12" pencils

Daisy, 9″ x 12″ pencils

Daisy in Progress

Daisy in Progress

Daisy started as a sketch I considered using for a (requested) coloring page. I’ve been trying to practice/add more botanical elements as a way of making these recent portrait type pencil works more interesting.

You may remember these guys before the flowers:

Two in Flowers, 9" x 12" pencils

Two in Flowers, 9″ x 12″ pencils

And more from the past couple weeks:

Ernestine in Cloche, Niles Each 9" x 12" pencils

Ernestine in Cloche, Niles
Each 9″ x 12″ pencils

I have started a gallery of recent pencil art and here is a link. You can also get there via the menu at the top of the page, on the far right. The gallery is a work in progress and not working perfectly quite yet. (I may try to find another portfolio-making widget.)

Some excitement at the blog this weekend! Apparently some Indian hackers were using my bandwidth for Indian porn. (Nothing any of my visitors would ever see. No, they prefer to be sneaky and use some behind-the-scenes BS! But my hosting peeps Dreamhost run a thing called Stop the Hacker! so they let me know there was a problem.) And I am SO lucky to live with an excellent computer programmer who can fix such things. And he did. The end. :D

Welcome visitors! Hello to Paint Party Friday!


12 thoughts on “Daisy and Others, in Pencil

  1. Elena Caravela

    Wow, as much as I enjoy your vibrant colors, the pencil really lends itself to lots of expression. I’m also really loving the compositions you are working with. Wonderful@

  2. MOM

    April is the most beautiful lady I’ve seen you do yet!! All the features are so real that it looks like she will walk out & visit us-her eyes are so awesome- you keep doing more & more realistic drawings! @ in flowers, Niles & Cloe are very interesting as well. Maybe the book will have ( or one of the many short stories you have to share will have the Heroine April! I’m so proud of your work! OX OX Mom

  3. Rasz

    Daisy is so cool, as all your drawings are! I like the added botanical elements. A person coloring her could really do a lot of different color designs. Thank you for visiting me for PPF! I am so glad you did so I can follow you! So HI Cindy, I am Rasz! I LOVE what you found in my canvas background. I will have to search to see what you saw. It will be well worth the search to find those images. Thank you so much. Big hugs, Rasz

  4. minnemie

    Oh how terrible that you had to deal with those hackers. So glad you were able to get it fixed. Me and mine would be clueless. You draw the most fantastic and emotive eyes. Personality shines from each and every creature (and human) you draw! I myself would love a cute nose like that first damsel has.

  5. Laney

    Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by my blog – because then I came to visit you and landed on your beautiful site with all your beautiful art! I love your drawings and I love the added botanical elements. Nice work! Sorry about the hackers – glad you got it fixed!

  6. Clare

    Lovely renderings……your details are really incredible…..love Niles….he looks like a Great Dane unicorn. :-)
    Glad to hear the hackers are taken care of!

  7. ruth hayes

    She’s very interesting, Cindy. I think a lot of your work, especially the ones with patterned features would do well as coloring page art. Another revenue source?

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