Our Boy is Gone

He had a steak his last day. And a princely ride in a dog carriage.

Wilson is gone. The sweetest that ever was. He loved us. We loved him. I think it was September 12th. Could that much time have already passed?

Our boy Wilson

Our boy Wilson

His water bowls have less water every day and will soon be empty. The water is cloudy but I can’t bring myself to move it or clean it or touch it. I picked up some of the rawhide bones, but left others. In every room. He trusted us. We let him go.

Wilson Curtis After being skunked April 2015, and kitchen Sept 2015

Wilson Curtis
After being skunked April 2015, and kitchen Sept 2016

I want to take it back. I changed my mind! But I couldn’t. His daddy Bert couldn’t.

He felt too bad too much of the time. So much coughing and trying to catch his breath through so much of his waking hours. And seizures. And staring off. He never complained.

The most helpful thing we read in those days before deciding was a vet, whose name I should have kept. He said, if you don’t have any doubts, you waited too long. I read too many horror stories from others who waited too long, all the pain and terror, and wished they could go back.

She came to the house. He ate snacks to the end. Of course he did! When she said he was gone I didn’t believe it. So warm still. Just eating a snack! Just moments ago.  Wilson’s daddy Bert helped the vet carry the stretcher to the van. It drove away.

I talk to him still and try to pretend he is there. He is not. I am careful with my feet when getting up from my desk, so as not to jostle or wake him.  I look at his pictures and tell him I’m sorry.

Our boy has gone. He was the sweetest and cutest that ever was. Ever ever.

Wilson Curtism aka The Cutest. September 2015.

Wilson Curtis aka The Cutest. September 2015.



12 thoughts on “Our Boy is Gone

  1. minnemie

    Oh Cindy… I am so sorry for your loss. You loved Wilson well… all the way to the end. Thank you for sharing and trusting us with your pain. I hope eventually you can draw him… and share many memories of him through your art.

  2. Anne

    Oh, I am so sorry! It is very hard to lose one of our fur babies–they become such a big part of our lives.
    Maybe thru your art you can fondly remember Wilson? He would want you to.
    Healing hugs to you and your family.

  3. Linda Hensley

    You have my sympathies. I’ve shared your pain in losing a loved one, and feeling the burden of making the decision to put one down too. Just remember, that decision is a gift of love and isn’t something to regret. It’s something I wish we would allow for people too. Hugs!

  4. Clare

    Cindy, am so so sorry for your loss. Pets are so precious….but for such a short time in our lives. Thanks for sharing……

  5. ruth Hayes

    So sorry for the loss of Wilson, Cindy. Our pets hold a special place in our lives and hearts. I know I still miss my Brandy, though she has been gone over 20 years. Such special memories they hold for guys.

  6. MOM

    Hope you did got my message from the other day-it was for you & Bert! We keep thinking of you & especially after you told us & we saw a pic, of Toki!!
    Many, Many Hugs, Mom & Stanley

  7. Leslie White

    Oh Cindy…….. Ouch. Your words brought comfort to me, though… It’s what I felt about Payton and Lucy and Tucker before him. Thank you for that. Wilson is beautiful.

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