Acrylic Portrait, Stacey Abrams

11” x 14” acrylics on canvas. Not quite finished.
Stacey Abrams, Democratic Nominee for Governor of Georgia, 2018
The first African-American woman to be a major party nominee for governor in the United States.

“We are writing the next chapter of Georgia’s future where no one is unseen, no one is unheard, and no one is uninspired.”  ~Stacey Abrams

Watch her primary victory speech
DONATE to her campaign
Stacey Abrams is the Future for a Democratic Party in Crisis (Rolling Stone)

Lots of progress pics below (some a bit crooked)! The ugly stage is still very hard to push through. The eyes were uneven for some time – it is very helpful to step back frequently to see the bigger picture.

(Portrait based on photo found here, photographer unknown.)

I have to finish a few things and decide whether to add stuff to the background. Or maybe i should just leave it here.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

10 thoughts on “Acrylic Portrait, Stacey Abrams

  1. denthe

    It’s so interesting to see how you paint a face. Totally different from how I do it. I love how you did her hair. I read about her somewhere, she sounds great. Let’s hope she wins …

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Well, this is probably my first finished portrait in acrylics. I have done a lot of practice painting of animals and faces, but this is (practically) finished. And also had a lot more time spent, I think more than 8 hours. What I hope is that I am not making it more difficult than it should be. So I am going to a local painting teacher next week for a chat and session. :D

  2. Bella Sinclair

    Yaaaaaaaasss! Stacey Abrams is inspiring. And so is your portrait! Thanks for posting the WIPs. Always engaging and fascinating to watch your paintings evolve and come to life. Amazing! I have recently gotten my feet wet with acrylics and watercolors, and I know one thing for sure. I do not have the patience to do it properly. Dry time? Pffft. I’m glad I can come here and marvel at your work.

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