Acrylic Portrait Practice, Dolores Huerta

Today’s portrait practice: Dolores Clara Fernández Huerta, the inspiring Mexican-American Labor and Civil Rights leader, winner of many local and national humanitarian awards. Originator of the phrase, “Si, se puede” – “yes it can be done” or “yes we can” – adopted for his presidential campaigns by President Barack Obama.

In October 2010, Huerta was awarded an honorary degree by Mills College, who lauded her as “a lifetime champion of social justice whose courageous leadership garnered unprecedented national support from farmworkers, women, and underserved communities in a landmark quest for human and civil rights”. (From Wikipedia)

11″ x 14″ acrylic on canvas. This is a work in progress! The space between her nose and lips is too long, for one thing, and more layers are needed to improve the overall skin tone. As with all the others, I may not finish it anytime soon. Or at all? I don’t know! I’m just happy to be practicing and trying not to worry about other things.

Based on this photo by Angela L Torres (printed and taped to my easel).  I need to use my old Ipad for reference photos instead of printing things. One of these days!

Progress pics!

I have found a local painting instructor and (very) small class on Monday nights, starting this coming Monday. Hooray! I will report back.

Thanks so much for stopping in! Hello to Paint Party Friday. :)

8 thoughts on “Acrylic Portrait Practice, Dolores Huerta

  1. Sal Scheibe

    I think this is AMAZING, Cindy! I just love the colours you used and how expressive the whole painting is. I think this is seriously one of your best this year.

  2. Nicole/Beadwright

    Ohhhh this is just beautiful. I love all the tiny touches you did to make the whole look just like her. Thank you for the WIP photos too. Yes, let us know about the Monday night class.

  3. Beth

    I absolutely love this portrait. Such strength and beauty–you’ve caught her personality so perfectly. I think I’d like to have met her! Your tutorial was great, too. I learned a LOT.

  4. Rasz

    Gorgeous portrait! You did a great job on capturing her emotion and details. Thank you for sharing her history too. It’s so nice to learn about the people who have helped make our lives and Country better. I love her words. Definitely words of wisdom. Happy PPF and have a Wonderful Week! Hugz, Rasz

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