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Whimsical Robot Swap and More Maiden ATCs


For the Whimsical Robots Swap at illustratedatcs.com, each 2.5″ x 3.5″.
Copic markers, fine liners and white gel pen on smooth Bristol Board.

Hermes, the dog, is a very agreeable robot and will also serve as a beer opener. He makes a great companion for amiable-type hermits. Chelsea, the cat, is much more ornery, and suits the sarcastic hermit personality somewhat better. Of course the manufacturer insists that for optimum mental health, everyone should have one of each.

The pony is Gladys. Not recommended for hermits, because she is really too sweet-natured and were a hermit to go into a diabetic coma – nobody around to call 911! She makes a most excellent companion for small children, especially loners. (A blue version with a ball cap called Carlos is available for those opposed to purple.)

Roland the highland cow robot is a deluxe model companion. He performs admirably on guard duty, can detect gas leaks, put out small fires, and will alert you if you’ve left the stove or faucet on. Can also perform minor plumbing and electrical repairs. On pet mode he has a charming and goofy demeanor.

Modern Shaman Maiden (Bree), Green Gele (Nadi), The Nose Knows (Autumn)
Maidens 17, 18 and 16. Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copic markers and white gel pen.

These are maidens 17, 18 and 16 for my 100 Maidens project. Is this too many images and stories for one blog post? Feel free to let me know!

#17:  Bree’s mother was a missionary in Africa who went native and moved in with a tribal shaman. Bree was born less than a year later and grew up learning the shamanic arts. She spent many summers in Sheffield, England with her aunt’s family, but always preferred the tribe she grew up in. Reference photo.

#18:  In Nigeria, a tall elaborate head tie is called a Gele. On her visit there, Nadi got to try on several in a strange little shop lit by lanterns made of green glass.

#16:  Autumn was born to wildly hippie parents in the early 70’s. She is a caffeine addict who does tedious technical writing by day, and titillating Star Trek fan fiction by night! Reference photo.

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