Illustration Friday’s Vanity (sort of!) with Progress Pics

Whimsical Vanity in Copics



This week’s Illustration Friday prompt was “Vanity”. The boyfriend suggested I do the Vanity from Prince’s band. This did not interest me for many reasons, primarily my reluctance to do people at all, let alone likenesses of actual people. So I settled on an illustration of a vanity table, despite “vanity” being an excellent opportunity for a little visual social commentary. But there would be creatures, of course! I don’t believe this blog has one drawing without at least one creature. It is The Slumbering Herd, after all, not The Slumbering Inanimate Objects. :o)

So, that window was originally a mirror – this being a vanity, and all.  But I just couldn’t get it to work out.  I had the bird looking into the mirror but uh, yeah, no. I hope nobody minds that I took some liberties with this vanity in that its owner was sick of the mirror and preferred looking out onto lovely sky.  As for the bench one might normally find at such a table, in fact it has a beautiful brocade orange bench, but the dog pushed it out of the way in order to sit and watch the bird (his favorite thing to watch in all the world).

So let’s see how many entries have been posted in this day and a half since the prompt came out! 136 and counting.  Sheesh. I’ve taken to commenting primarily on those entries that fall into the “children’s art” category, and sometimes I miss some. So many great artists and blogs!

This week I also ended up at the Artists in Blogland Show and Tell Saturday, so I’m going to link there, too! Welcome to my place, wherever you came from! If you care to comment, leave your address in the form thingie so I can visit back.  And now some progress pics:


Vanity Sketch

Vanity Color 1

Vanity Color 2

Vanity Color 3



9″ x 6″ with Copic markers and pens on 150 lb. drawing paper. Thanks for dropping in! (Also, arrrrgh, working on some formatting issues.)

35 thoughts on “Illustration Friday’s Vanity (sort of!) with Progress Pics

  1. Tina

    I love the quirkiness in your painting right down to the little fat bottle. Everything just belongs and I’d much prefer to watch the clouds go by than look in a mirror!

  2. Sarah (Saturday Sequins)

    Wow, your work is brilliant! So full of life.

    I’m especially partial to the emu in the post below this one — not just because it’s fabulous, but because I love large birds. They’re amazing and ornery and full of personality.

  3. PiaD

    Great to see your progress pictures. Another great slumbering herd illo – the things ON the table even looks like creatures themselves.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! Eek, I don’t know anything about online classes. But really, I think there are a lot of Copic youtube videos out there, and folks with more skill than me. I’ve got a lot of learning to do yet. :)

  4. Abby

    Oh yeah, Vanity from Prince’s band – forgot about her! Oh well, I’m pretty sure I like this illustration better anyway. I love the little lotion bottles and soap and things! And I enjoy how you tell the stories of your characters!

  5. Janet

    Your creatures are so cute and the vanity table is just wonderful. The window is much more interesting than a mirror….who wants to look at their own image all the time when they can look outside at the blue sky.

  6. Sharon Wagner

    I would rather look out the window than in a mirror these days. And instead of a green bird looking over my shoulder I have cats. My cat Hana actually loves to lick soap and face lotion off my face. Weird.

  7. Bron Smith

    I enjoyed looking at your delightful work. I’m going to have to Google “Copic Markers” and see what they are. I’ve work with Prisma Colors for years, but never heard of copic markers. You’re off to a great start…keep up the good work.

  8. essalee

    Great drawing, once again! I’m experimenting with Copics now…just the black. So far I love them. You’re right about the bleed-through with the Sketchbook Project pages. When you solve the problem, I’d love to see an example.

  9. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thank you so much for all the nice comments! Essalee, I may have to dig out my 20-yr old set of Prismacolors. Or stick to fine line pens. I actually did two pages with Copics. For one I outlined the same drawing on the back side for like a mirror-view, because the fine liners don’t bleed through. I might do a few like that but mostly the Sketchbook won’t have much Copic color, I fear. Alas!

  10. Holly Cochrane

    Great seeing your progressive process drawings Cindy. I should do more of that on my blog! Good work commenting on all the children’s art posts. The community is growing all the time. :)

  11. koosje

    Wow Cindy, this is again such a great idea! And it worked out really well, thanks to the solutions on the problems while creating it. It’s so cool you always show the progress pics as well and that you describe the mental process as well. Love it!

  12. sharon

    love your work :)
    I enjoyed reading your post about your process and seeing your wip’s…and now I want to go out and get myself some copic markers!

  13. Karen Sagovac

    Fantastic (as per usual…)!! Really love your take on Vanity. You really do have the most colourful and interesting style. I look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with each week!

    PS. thanks for commenting on my gaudy monstrosity this week – lack of time shows… and must get my style sorted!

  14. Laurie Conley

    Thanks for your visit to my blog! Your work is fantastic. I love the colors. I think your solution of turning a mirror into a window works perfectly! Mirrors are tricky in drawings…you always have to debate putting an image in them. The window makes a great bright spot for the bird.

  15. Elephangaroo

    Beautiful! I’ve been wondering about Copic pens for a while now and seeing your work has brought on “the itch” again! Don’t worry, it’s a good kind of itch, not a rashy kind.

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