Steampunk Magician Cat with Copics, and a Question About Art Bias

Magician Steampunk Cat


Hello! More Copics! Let’s face it – even if I was totally sick of them, an eventuality I do not predict, they cost too much to set aside. ¬†Which is kind of funny and kind of rough. But that does lead to a question I have been asking myself lately, and that is, how much more is painting respected as an art form, than marker art? I think quite a lot, and that makes me feel like I should “eventually” be a painter.

I mean, I believe pen & ink art is a longstanding and respected art, but I still think people have a bias toward traditional painting. And markers to me seems even a step down from pen & ink. I mean, I think markers in the same way I think “crayons”, a bit. So if I have this bias, so must other people? Most people? What do you think?¬†(I don’t know if the bias exists in regard to digital art, but I suspect in many circles it does, though less so than markers, I imagine!)

Ok, here’s some progress pics. I had planned on a steampunk cat. But steampunk cat turned into steampunk magician cat. I think it’s the big cape thing. Also his ability to shoot lasers from his claws. I was pretty pleased with the mouse-shaped eyepiece (with tail that can be used as a bottle opener!). I actually just started a dog (collie-ish) with an eyepiece in the shape of a cat.

Steampunk Cat sketch


Steampunk Cat ink

Steampunk Cat Color 1

Are those some crazy blues or what? Copics. Yup.

Steampunk Cat Color 2

Magician Steampunk Cat, 8 x 10 with Copics

Magician Steampunk Cat, Copics with Digital Background

I thought this cat would make a perfect Saturnalia or other holiday card, which it does! And can be found in my Etsy Shop. (I also have prints on order!)

Thanks for stopping in! Let me know what you think about that markers vs. painting thing.

13 thoughts on “Steampunk Magician Cat with Copics, and a Question About Art Bias

  1. Gay McKinnon

    Hmmm, Cindy, I do think that marker pen art isn’t regarded as seriously as painting, but I say unto you: Go forth and PROMOTE IT! You are already making it more respectable in my opinion – frankly, I had no idea anyone could make art this good with markers. One issue is that markers traditionally don’t come in light-fast colours. So if you want to make (or buy) art that lasts, markers aren’t desirable. But in this digital age, when you scan and print art, & it might only exist as a computer file anyway, that’s less significant than ever before. So go on, start a trend!

  2. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thank you, Gay. Thank you for answering my question! (That was totally intended to be in Olympia Dukakis’ voice, when she asks Danny Aiello in Monstruck, “Why do men chase women?” and then “why does a man need more than one woman?” And he answers anxiously, “I don’t know! Maybe because they fear death.” And she says, “thank you! Thank you for answering my question.”)

    Anyway, upon further reading (and what should be obvious to me!), it seems markers are the medium of choice for illustrators and comic book artists, and not considered a medium of “fine art”. Which is fine with me. Fine art people can be so snotty. ;)

  3. Rod

    Hey Cindy…thanks for the comments on my blog..they are really appreciated.I think your artwork in copic markers has a really unique style and will no doubt sell well! Love the cat…he is cool!

  4. Curious Art

    I think illustrators have long used markers because they dry so quickly, which is very helpful for deadlines! Their questionable archival qualities aren’t a major consideration when the art is mainly done for reproduction.

    There are similar archival issues with digital art– giclee prints simply haven’t been around long enough to be positively tested for longevity– so some collectors stick to traditional media.

    But setting aside archival issues, there are really no rules when it comes to art! So I say, use what you like & do what you feel you do best, & then find the appropriate venue for it. And that’s just what you’ve done!

  5. Jessica

    The only real “rule” in art is what works, and your artwork…works! You have mastered your medium, above and beyond, and that is what makes your artwork respectable. You have such a creative and unique eye that is very inspiring. Continue to do what you love and you will always succeed!

  6. Della Lindsey

    Hi Cindy, Thank you for you nice comment on my “Round” post. I wasn’t sure in the second part if by “insulting people” you meant my words, or those of others. After considering it, I decided to change one word in my about me section that may have seemed to come off as being too strong. But the rest I’ve left because unfortunately that is a really common attitude concerning digital art in general. That’s not saying it doesn’t happen. There are those who import a photo and basically let the software “paint” over it and then call it original art. But the majority of the people who decide to judge what is “real” art and declare digital art lacking are usually of the mindset that somewhere there is a button that says make art and all we have to do is press it. It used to really bother me, but my skin is thickening and anymore not so much. You seem to have come to a good conclusion of your own, by deciding not to let it bother you about your medium as well. Talent is talent, if you have it they will come. You do, and they are. Life is too short to worry about people who are quick to judge. ;)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Oh, I didn’t mean you! I meant those people who call digital artists “cheaters”. Insults never solve anything. ;)

  7. Wendy

    You art looks painted. Your shadows and light, are something a lot of people believe you can’t get with markers.
    Markers are also much more of a permanent medium now. They aren’t as lightfast, and are acid free.
    I think it’s becoming a much more respected form of art, if it’s done well, and your’s certainly is.

    Go forth and make it known that marker art is serious too…well, the medium…not your subject matter!!

  8. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thank you, Wendy, that’s very kind! And thanks to everyone for the great comments. I think I still have a long way to go to mastering this medium, but it sure is cool that people think I’m doing pretty fine.

  9. Sarah

    I love the patterning on your cat. I personally prefer working with inks and paints, but I also use marker for certain details and colors. I use prismacolor…I always wanted to try copics! I think the result is more important than the medium, and your end product is awesome! (thanks for stopping by my blog too!)

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