Steampunk Otter, Copic Markers, with Progress Pics

Steampunk Otter with Copics

I believe I like this fellow. But of course I will tell you the problems I see!

Steampunk Otter Sketch

The sketch.  Unlike the last rodent, a ferret, this one actually looks like an otter.  Also, a ferret. Or mongoose, or mink or muskrat?  Actually, what does a muskrat look like? Ah ha! A muskrat looks like a beaver.  So, I don’t think this sketch looks like a muskrat.

Steampunk Otter Color 1

I had decided on pink/peach because so far most of the steampunk beasts have been blue or green. And I have so many shades of pink and peach and purple markers that it had to be done.  The ear on the left does not look right, alas.

Steampunk Otter Color 2

So once you decide on a beast’s color, you have to then decide on accessory colors. Looking back I should have gone with green and purple, or maybe just greens, but I like the idea of limiting the color palette (something many folks doing Illustration Friday challenges do quite well!)

Steampunk Otter with Copics

I like the furry feel of the swirl. Not sure about the scarf/giant ascot/blanket thingie. But I like this one better than the anteater. Look at the glowy purple through the top of his hat!  Go go, Copic Markers!

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14 thoughts on “Steampunk Otter, Copic Markers, with Progress Pics

  1. Sasa

    I think the color scheme is really nice. And need to try Copic Markers too, looks great! And of course your signature patterns are impressive as usual.

  2. Denise

    I love your progress steps. Please let us how you create your patters. They are levels of enjoyment. Your work is inspiring and wonderfully enjoyable.

  3. Beth

    It is amazing what you are able to do with markers! I’ve never had much luck with them, personally. I love how you include your process pictures, too!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! I think it’s just like anything else, you start out frustrated by a new medium, and then gradually you learn some tricks and then you keep it up.

      I would love to learn digital painting and also get back to acrylics, and maybe pick up watercolor – but they are on hold indefinitely because Copics are super fun and there is PLENTY to learn before starting another new thing. :)

  4. Leslie White

    I think you chose wonderful colors to bring this otter forward. Of all the animals, I would think the otter would enjoy the fun of being steam punk more than any other! I like the warmth that comes forward with the colors you chose.

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