The Apple Brigade for IF Friday with Progress Pics

Apple Brigade With Copic Markers, 8x10


Sunday evening and 134 IF “Brigade” entries posted! (Some really neat ones!) With the possible exception of a soldier-type brigade, this topic yielded few obvious scenarios.

Fortunately, at I was was reminded of fire and rescue brigades.  Hooray! So I planned on either 1. a cat stuck in a tree with a crazy pyramid of beasts trying to rescue it, or perhaps a beast stuck in a tree with a crazy pile of cats trying to rescue it.

I began with a tree and as is my habit, I drew too big. I then drew a beast in the tree with his hand stretching downward and decided he didn’t particularly look in need of rescuing. So of course the brigade of beasts would instead be making a delivery.

Like my last IF submission, the Round Carriage, I am finding it a bit overly busy and I don’t love all the color combinations. And the jury is definitely out on the weird sky and clouds. That much said, it was a good exercise!

Apple Brigade Sketch

Apple Brigade Color 1

Apple Brigade Ink 2

Apple Brigade With Copic Markers, 8x10

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30 thoughts on “The Apple Brigade for IF Friday with Progress Pics

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    Hey, this would make a great illustration for an alphabet series (you know A is for apple…) with as cool illustrated A. Isn’t an alphabet series one of those mandatory things an artist must eventually do (right up there with illustrations of the seasons, astrological signs, etc.)

    Amyway, I think this one is fanciful and fun and I like how you go with the flow of where you’re drawing takes you.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Eeek an alphabet series! What a big project! You never know, though! I think an alphabet series on a poster is always cool. Maybe a project for one day down the line. ;)

  2. Jessica

    Great idea! The whole Brigade topic was a tough one, but I really like how you solved it! I love the pattern on the tree, and your fun creatures!

  3. dosankodebbie

    I had a hard time getting inspired by this week’s IF prompt and almost decided to skip it. But then, it came to me! And thanks for your comment.

    I love the patterns in your illustration. It looks so much fun to paint. I like the curls in the branches that echo the curl in the beast’s tail. I like, I like, I like…

  4. cedds

    Brigade was a difficult topic but you came up with a very good illustration. I really like what you do. What medium do you use?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks! I have been using Copic pens and markers for 5 or so months. They are alcohol-based and come in a huge range of terrific colors. Lots of details all over this blog. ;)

  5. Rubin Pingk

    Great brigade! This is one of those drawings that can be viewed as half full or half empty. Is the apple the last apple and they all have to split it (sad) or are they finally done with a days work and they are pulling the last apple from the tree (Yay happy!).

    Very cute.

  6. Leslie White

    I think all your different colors and your payyerns within them make these eye-catching, Cindy. I like the idea of the animals helping each other. Great message to pass on to we humans.

  7. Gay McKinnon

    Sweetly calm. I like the way you just let the work evolve as you go. The tree bark is particularly fetching, as is the letter A for apple brigade, and I am totally won by that critter on the bottom. He is taking is all so placidly. Good onya for having a holiday and getting back to work!

  8. vIcen

    haha thanks! not a gun, is to control the minds hehe! and if the Grand Canyon xD

    PD: sorry but is not as discussed in my blog .. hehe
    PD: xD as you paint your drawings?

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