ACEO Dog Quartet in Copics, Part II

Hound Dog Quartet, ACEOs with Copics

Clockwise from top left: Oliver, Edgar, Miles and Martin

Hooray!  Finished the 4-dog quartet. Went with similar dog for final image (see previous post for dilemma!) I’m calling it “Hound Dog Quartet” but it started as “Spaniel Dog Quartet” (and could revert at any time!). The inspiration photo (for all four) is a beagle. I think they resemble a beagle slightly more than Snoopy from Peanuts. But it’s still a stretch. (Which is fine with me.)

Oliver, the final member, in progress:

ACEO Dog Oliver Sketch

ACEO Dog Oliver Color 1

ACEO Dog Oliver

I believe a second 4-dog ACEO quartet is in the works, this time with standing ears (also known as prick ears or erect ears, but oh, such words!) Aside from that particular vocabulary conundrum, I can’t decide what to name the next set. I don’t want to go with Doberman Dog quartet or any other dog who has unnaturally erect ears – because I don’t believe in cropped ears (I won’t go on a rant or anything but cropping ears is an outdated and unnecessary procedure which causes a lot of pain in young dogs and also compromises protection for the ear canal. And doesn’t always work anyway!) So while I like Dobermans, I believe in “regular” ears for Dobermans, Great Danes and every other breed that up until recently had cropped ears as a matter of course.  But that whole discussion is probably best not held on an art blog.  :)

Many breeds have naturally standing ears.  A few that come to mind are smaller dogs like terriers (though not Schnauzers), Basenjis, Chihuahuas. Here is the initial sketch for one member of the Standing Ear ACEO dog quartet (a charming and discerning bunch, I am sure it will turn out to be):

ACEO Standing Ear Dog 1

I think this one definitely looks more like a Basenji than a Chihuahua, so I may use a Chihuahua photo as inspiration for the next one or two.  As always, thanks for visiting!



9 thoughts on “ACEO Dog Quartet in Copics, Part II

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    So cute! And such soulful eyes.

    (Stepping on soapbox.) I agree heartily on the cropped ear issue – so cruel and unnecessary. I’ve never understood it. Especially when we’re such geniuses at breeding in traits that we desire – why resort to such cruelty? (Stepping back down.)

    From the looks of your “prick-eared” (tee-hee) dog, the next quartet promises to be good-lookin’! My Chi, Honeybear, agrees.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks, Sheri! I don’t know. People are crazy and vain, is mainly the cropped ear/docked tail thing, I suppose. (I was thinking of Honeybear when I started the new set, yay!)

  2. Birgit

    Oh perfect, Cindy — I came just right in time to see more of your fabulous dogs! :)

    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog the other day. Sorry that I replied to your Oktoberfest horses question so very late. Last year was a bit rough for me, thus I fell behind everything (once again). You are so right — there should be more time for exploring all the great blogs out there and to get to know the people behind them.

    Greetings from Germany,

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Hi Birgit! No apologies needed! It’s always great to get any replies, so what’s a few months? Plus, it did remind me to go back and visit your awesome photos. :)

  3. Abby

    Love the dog quartet – each with its own personality! Also, nice commentary about dog types. Nice to know something else about you other than your copic marker skills!

  4. Karen Sagovac

    Love dogs – love this! Also love the swirly swirls (as you already know from previous comment). Adding the swirl texture to their noses works well – gives it a tactile appearance.

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