ACEO Dog Quartet in Copic Markers

ACEOs revisited. I was supposed to do an updated Magic Preparedness Kit (and I will!) but many days passed without the impetus for a new (or old) project. And then I was given the assignment of an anonymous gift to an internet stranger, and due to her interests in the colors seafoam, teal and aqua (with grays), and “Sad Etsy Dogs” (among many other things, but these were the bits I chose) – I was finally inspired to make a sad etsy dog of my own.  His name is Edgar and he is currently traveling to upstate New York with some Almond Roca and a box of vanilla spice tea.

ACEO Dog, Edgar

I decided to do three more in order to do another 4-ACEO Giclee, like I did here:

Four ACEO Print with 2 Llamas, Camel & Pony

I decided to stick with the spaniel face/ears and do a similar (but not identical) dog for the next two, but with different colors (though mainly blues and greens).

ACEO Dog Martin, Sketch

ACEO Dog Martin, Color 1

ACEO Dog, Martin

ACEO Dog, Miles

Martin got into the mud, as you can see. Otherwise known as, I muddied up the color by going with gray as a shading color instead of a darker green or blue. On top of that, the black ink ran more than normal. I may have used a Micron pen instead of a Copic multiliner by mistake.  (The Copic is designed not to smudge!) Arrgh. I also like the Color 1 version better than the overdone final version. But he’s still a cool cat.

Miles, possibly as a result, ended up on the slightly underdone side of the spectrum (fewer fine lined details). But he is also a cool cat. These two, only distantly related by blood, once planned a grand cupboard heist. They never went through with it, thank goodness.  Also, they were only about seven months old at the time.

And now, feeling a break coming on, I am going to post this despite having reached only a triptych and not a quartet yet!  I have to decide on the last ACEO. A similar style dog but with different colors? A dog with stand-up ears? A cat? A llama? I like the idea of the fourth being different (like I did with the pink pony in the other set).

In any case, thank you so much for visiting. All comments appreciated! I will update this post a bit later with the final creature.


5 thoughts on “ACEO Dog Quartet in Copic Markers

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! I couldn’t figure out where to leave a comment on your site (so cute and colorful and love the slogan). (I think I said the same thing last time!)

  1. bella sinclair

    Fab Fab Fab! And once #4 is done, they will be the Fab Four! Wooohooo, Edgar, Miles and Martin are super awesome. I really love how their noses have captured that wet shine look. Have a great weekend!

  2. Birgit

    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks so much for leaving a couple of comments on my blog — that’s so very much appreciated. :)

    The Oktoberfest horses are well-treated for sure. They are actually only a short time on the Oktoberfest area for people to see and pet before they are brought home again. Gorgeous animals for sure!

    Your dogs are just lovely. Thanks for sharing those cards!

    Greetings from Germany,

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