Copics and Liquid Frisket, Revisited

Blue Dog with Cat, 8.5" x 11" Copic Pens & Markers

More dog and cat beasts! You may recognize the hound/spaniel face from a recent series of ACEOs. This one reminded me why going to the edge of the paper on all sides is sub-optimal (it’s a pain! And the pen runs off, and making swirls along the edges is also a pain). I have a lot of practice ahead of me if I’m going to perfect a cat. However, this cat is a MUCH better cat than the one I started with:

Blue Dog Cat Sketch 1

The face gave me no end of trouble. In fact, my intention was going to be for the cat to be rubbing his head under Blue’s chin, but things got out of hand.  Sometimes that happens.

Blue Dog Cat Sketch 2

That’s better. Fixed the short stubby legs and went with a bent neck. I created several ounces of eraser detritus to get to this point.

Blue Dog Cat Initial Ink

This cat will do! (Need to practice paws. And apparently cat butts. This cat butt is just not right.)

Blue Dog Cat - Frisket, Color 1

Swirls in liquid frisket on the ears. It was supposed to go all the way down but I tried to remove some thickly dropped frisket and it pulled up more bits and then more so I just cleared it off the bottom of the second ear, too. The colors always look pretty rotten at the beginning and there is no exception in this case (mostly because it looks so much like markers).

Blue Dog Cat Color 2

Blue Dog Cat Color 3

Blue Dog with Cat, Copic Pens & Markers

In all, a decent exercise. Learned some things. I suppose my goal is to get to the point where my drawing tells a story, like Mardi Speth or Bella Sinclair.  Or any other of the thousands of awesome illustrators out there (yeesh). I don’t want my stuff to look like their stuff, just tell a (cool, interesting, possibly weird) story like their stuff does.

Enough rambling!  Thank you so much for coming by!


10 thoughts on “Copics and Liquid Frisket, Revisited

  1. Beth Parker

    Cat butts! Ha! You are too funny! I love how you talk through all the changes that took place. The result is beautiful!! I love doing cat eyes, but their faces elude me. I love this!!! Have a wonderful day, Cindy!

  2. Jess

    Beautiful work. I like how you’ve used the spiral motif and changed the scale of it to make different textures. Love the colour combo too!
    Jess xx

  3. Leslie White

    I think story boarding and illustrating to tell a story is a fantastic gift and would like to be able to do that, myself. I think, at times, all artists hit on that. When I view your animals, though, I see something very special there, in the eyes and the expressions you choose. I would not trade the viewing of that for things with stories. You are painting souls, you are, even ones with funny butts! :) Love the pose for the cat that you chose and those droopy eyes on that dog are priceless.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you so much for all the kind comments! Leslie, I do think the facial expression is so important (especially when most of the drawing is a big animal face). Of course, sometimes the expression ends up somewhat different than intended, but anything is better than a vacant, expressionless stare (so I try to avoid that)!

      When I started this blog most of my beasts had closed eyes (hence the slumbering!) but I do it much less frequently now. Perhaps I should change the name to “Recently Woken Herd”. Hmm, needs work. ;D

  4. Koosje

    Your drawing DOES tell a story, and I absolutely love your animal portraits combined with a written story, which is always fantastic and truly funny.
    You are a true story teller.
    I very much enjoy your drawings and the progress pics plus your descriptions!

  5. ruthsartwork

    That looks like one happy kitty. He reminds me of my “grandcat” who loves a good rub on anything, living or nor. His friend the dog seems very tolerant.

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