That’s One Popular Sheep Cart

The Most Popular Sheep Cart, Copic Markers with Digital Sky

This week’s Illustration Friday topic: “Popularity”. I really had no idea what to draw, for a while, and then I decided that two competing little kiosks might be nice, with competing salespeople. And maybe the popularity of one had to do with the pretty girl running it, and for the other, the quality of the product. But sheesh, that’s a lot to get into a single frame. At least for me who hasn’t done a lot of narrative drawings.

I started to draw the kiosks, but that was more complicated than necessary and I switched to little sales carts.

Toy Carts Initial Sketch

Rather than plain little carts, of course I figured they should in the shape of animals. Goats or sheep, perhaps. As I drew them I decided they would be very different kinds of carts, and one would be more popular than the other.  I picked toys because a little anime style cat could be seriously cute and I was thinking zombies for the other cart but went with misfit monsters.

Toy Carts Inked

I wanted to add more things, but I was worried about clutter. So, no little sales tags, no “50% Discount Sale” sign for the monster cart and no salespeople. Not even any customers! So I tried to figure out a slogan or saying that would tell the story I was trying to tell.

Toy Carts Color 1

Toy Carts Color 2

Sheep Carts Original Drawing 8.5" x 11"

The Most Popular Sheep Cart, Copics w/ Digital Sky

Thank you as always for coming by and thanks to everyone for the kind and excellent comments.

Which reminds me!  A very kind and hilarious person at Moonsword’s Chamber has done a little write-up about my shop. He showcases a lot of different artists and I found some really cool ones there, so take a gander if you have a moment!


40 thoughts on “That’s One Popular Sheep Cart

  1. PJ Matilda

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m going to post the photo a different way next time to see if I can make it so a larger image can be viewed when the photo is clicked. Thank you for pointing that out; I didn’t think of it and that’s a good point.

    I absolutely love your art!

  2. The Beast Tender Post author

    Haha, I had a feeling all the creative types visiting here would pick the monster cart. Thank you for all the comments!

  3. Linda

    What an absolutely fabulous take on the word Popularity. I love the way your mind worked with this. It really made me laugh. The drawing, as ever is brilliant.

  4. Beth Parker

    I giggled with pure delight when I opened this post! You have a wonderful imagination and your execution is amazing! I like how you made the colors fit the character of each cart. I even love the ground they are setting on. Great job, Cindy!!! **clapping**

  5. Gay McKinnon

    This cracked me up, especially as I have a market stall and am always looking round and thinking, ‘oh, why is everybody at THAT stall?’ (often it’s the stall with free fudge, hard to compete I must say). I’m with the other artists – I really like the monster cart. Zombies would have been great too.
    Illo Friday have ditched me and don’t send me email any more, even though I joined up again! I feel bereft. Thank you for your excellent wombat suggestion. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I left this info at your blog but thought I’d leave it here too -Illustration Friday folk are having trouble with their email servers – they haven’t forgotten about us! Just go check the IF page for the new prompt.

      And thank you for the excellent comment, Gay. :D

  6. paula

    I appreciate you leaving a comment on my blog.

    As for your idea for “popular”, clever idea, Cindy! You put a lot of thought and work into this. Thanks for sharing the process.

    And it looks like this is also a “popular” posting, what with all the comments you’ve attracted!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you for the nice comment! One way to attract comments is to visit tons of other folks and leave comments where you feel inspired to do so, and some of those folks will visit back – rinse and repeat for next Friday and so on. ;) (I often take 10-20 minutes in the middle of the morning and afternoon to check for new entries during the week. So many wonderful entries to be inspired by!)

      By the way, thank you to everyone above for all the great comments, I appreciate every one!

  7. hedwig

    Thank you for your comment on my drawing! So I set out to see your site and it’s really amazing. I understand your popularity. Your work is so colorful, original, bizar and cute at the same time. I’m glad I found your sleeping herd.

  8. diana

    haha, this is awesome! i would go for the monster cart, it is cuter than the cute cart! i especially love the fluffy monster in the middle, he looks so sad and huggable! great illo!

  9. diana

    one more thing: you have a great drawing style, it is great to see twirls and colours and animals with such expressive faces all in one illo! i am a fan :)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks, Diana! And everyone! It seems I should have made one left on the monster cart and a full cart of cute cats for this audience. ;)

  10. bella sinclair

    Sheep carts? For real????!!! That is such a neat idea! I want a sheep cart! And awwwwww. I’m such a sucker for underdogs. Those cute little monster toys are so cute. I’ll buy them all, thank you!

    YAY for the write up! Woohoooo!

  11. mardi speth

    I like what you’re doing with the masking fluid! It works so well with your decorative, whimsical style. Your marker colours are so luscious and even. What paper do you work on to achieve this? Nicely done!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! The sheep carts and the next post (blue dog) are both on very smooth Canson paper specifically for markers. However, it’s not quite heavy enough for the liquid frisket, which buckled it a little. I usually use several coats and several Copic colors, and sometimes the colorless blender.

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