Two Horses, One Hound, Copic Markers

Horse 'n Hound Table Tennis Association

I stuck to a color family! I am very pleased with that aspect because I often try and rarely make it to the end. I mean even here, wouldn’t a pair of blue eyes or a purple background be neat? That’s the trouble with having collected half a metric ton of Copic Markers (ok hold on, I’ll check) (ok, about 115, various sizes, collected over 10 months or so).

I am once again feeling the necessity to branch out into more than headshots. However, Illustration Friday has been providing for that nicely. Oh! So my last post is heading toward 70 comments (about 8 are mine). Can I just say thank you so much to every single one and also holy cow! If I didn’t reciprocate, it is only because you did not leave your web address!

On a related note, because I was curious, I decided to count how many comments I had left so far this week for Illustration Friday. One hundred fifty-one. ┬áHaha, is that insane or what? I doubt I will be able to keep it up, but I have been finding so MANY great art blogs. And I don’t have kids. For all you folks with a regular job AND kid(s) AND doing Illustration Friday, my hat is off to you. Seriously!

What I do is visit the IF site every day, several times a day. I know that other people don’t have the time to do this. On the other hand, I feel like I am building this wonderful, mutually supportive community. I have been able to identify a whole bunch of folks who visit regularly,and who I visit in turn. (If you are looking for folks who are more likely than the average to comment back when you’ve commented at their site, I suggest visiting the commenters from my “Capable-IF” entry just before this one – just click on their name. You will find so many great things!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here is how the Horses ‘n Hound thing happened:

Horse n Hound Ink

Horse n Hound Color 1

Horse n Hound Color 2

Horse n Hound Color 3

I’m thinking of starting to put together a book with some of my goofy beasts, each with a silly/weird/non sequitur type caption. (In case you wondered about the table tennis thing.) Thank you so much for coming by. You’re the greatest!

Oh! I almost forgot! I just wrote a how-to for Illustration Friday thumbnails (in my sidebar, here). If you’re someone whose thumbnail never works, give it a try.

16 thoughts on “Two Horses, One Hound, Copic Markers

  1. Beth Parker

    You do the greatest expressions, Cindy! It’s so easy to try to imagine what they are thinking. this group looks like they’d stay still for you as long as it takes… like they are enjoying watching you work. LOVE it!!

    I do like that color family, too. So warm and comfy feeling. :)

  2. ALMI Art

    Isn’t IF fun!!! :) I love it too.. Nice work – I do think you should let yourself branch out into full bodies – you will feel much more free once you’ve done it. Just do lots of sketches before and use lots of references :)

  3. Casey

    hey Cindy-

    Your animals are always great! I loved the Cape-a-bull post! He was awesome!
    A note about a book idea…I have a friend who does a comic strip for a living…and he wanted to make a book for his son ( a favorite story of his) He used this website to do it:

    That is the book- but the menu has lots of info for publishing! Best of Luck! oh- and you inspired me to go out and buy a few copics to play around with! :)


  4. Beth Pollock

    Cindy you just keep getting better and better. I hear you about how one earth people with outside jobs and kids manage to get any art done, kudos to them! I would never manage it if I were in their shoes. Anywho, I haven’t stopped by to say Hi for a while and just wanted to see what wonderfullness you were up to!
    Keep on illustrating and thanks for showing us the stages a piece goes through…it helps lots!
    Talks again soon,
    Beth P

  5. Irina Lib

    These turned out great! I love how subtle the differences in their expressions are. You gave them personality without anthropomorphizing (is that even a word?) them too much.

  6. Linda Hensley

    Congrats on all the comments. I’d take that as a good sign that people like your work and a book might be a great idea. I love the patterns in your art. Nice job!

  7. Greg Newbold

    Cool style/ I like the decorative quality and the fun characters. I also noticed your great taste in blog links. Mardiart is by my good friend Mardi Speth- we were in grad school together. Art is a small world huh?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks, Greg (and everyone)! And yes, despite the fact I seem to find seventeen (or so) great new art blogs every day, it’s amazing to see the links and other connections between them. I feel like I am a ways behind all the people who started blogging years earlier than me, but I am trying to catch up!

  8. bella sinclair

    Oh man, those are some serious players. I don’t think I stand a chance against them. I’d be too busy admiring them, and then the next thing you know, I’d have a ping pong ball lodged in a nostril. I’d end up with a horse sized nostril. Not nearly as attractive on me as on Lara or Alison.

  9. Creations By Mit

    Hey Cindy,
    LOVE this week’s color palette! (But I DO also love it when you are less restrained!!) Just the right amount of texture, too! Nice work!! Hoping to sit down & work on mine tonight. I don’t have the kids, but I do have one of those pesky job-things!!! would rather be drawing!! ;)

    If you are considering a book, try My old college professor has had several made here & loves them!


  10. nik

    115? Really? 115? That’s 51 more colors than my largest box of Crayolas. I am green with envy…Caribbean Green. Or G19 if you speak Copic. ;)
    Yes, please do a book…the Herd is definitely bookworthy, especially if it has amusing vignettes. I love vignettes.
    Lara, Bonz and Alison turned out so well! Enough fade and fuzz in the background to make them pop forward and the color palette is most pleasing.

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