A Wizard’s Pantry for Illustration Friday

Wizard's Pantry, Copic Markers & Pens

(Apologies for having made a 9″ x 10″ item which does not quite fit on my scanner arrggh!)

“Intention” is the word this week  for Illustration Friday, and it has been my intention for a couple weeks to make a color version of my “Prepare” Illustration, which was a pencil sketch with potential. You can find that post here.

This particular color version did not live up to the promise of the sketch. I hesitate to provide a list of the problems I have with it, partly because there are so many! And partly because some of my dear visitors shall scold me for it. (I have been known to do some mild scolding of my own so it’s only fair.) Anyway, the colors and perspective and the handwriting all have problems. I’ll just leave it there.

A couple progress pics:

Wizard's Pantry Ink

Wizard's Pantry Color 1

I was going to add a porthole, or a window to fill all the space behind Mr. Imp but ended up with a weird thing that looks slightly like a large plastic device for hand-juicing oranges. (The wizard who was kind enough to let me draw his pantry let me know it is a portal but refused to elaborate further.)

Wizard's Pantry Color 2

I actually still like the color family at this point. But then I fooled with it too much!  Alas! Also, the imp has turned out somewhat more creepy than the cute I had imagined. I do like his crazy circus leotard, though. (It just didn’t seem right for him to stay in the buff.) I’m not sure why he likes to hang from his arm like that.

Wizard's Pantry, Copic Markers & Pens

I really love some of the Illustration Friday folks who do awesome collections of tiny, detailed things. So this was an attempt at one of those. Further attempts will be made.  Thank you so much for visiting!

Also! I have written up a (hopefully) easy and detailed tutorial for making your thumbnail for Illustration Friday (or anywhere, really).  It’s in my sidebar here! Don’t miss out on views because your thumbnail never works!

38 thoughts on “A Wizard’s Pantry for Illustration Friday

  1. ALMI Art

    I love how you create worlds and characters that exist outside of the drawings – I do that too! :) It’s so fun. And, I love the Swiss Magic Wand :)

  2. Irina Lib

    I love all the details. Since you’ve shown the progression, I think my favorite is Color 2. It’s just has a freshness to it, but I do like the final version as well. Great job.

  3. bella sinclair

    You are quick!

    A wizard’s pantry! I must admit, I never knew what a wizard kept in his pantry, so this is quite fascinating. I just love that Swiss magic wand. Ha! I wants one. Very cool!

  4. Amanda

    Oh, I like this so much! Thanks for showing the process, it’s so good to see that stuff. The tuning fork and cowbell both made me smile.

  5. dosankodebbie

    I love the way you use color, and the details of your patterns. Both are refreshing to me because neither is part of the etegami tradition, which I try to be faithful to. Btw, I would LOVE to have a Swiss Magic Wand! I spent much of my childhood imagining magic tools, but that one never occurred to me. :)

  6. Priscella

    Thanks for your nice comment! Nice fantasy illustration. I’m going to read your tumbnail tutorial cause I had a problem making one last time and used an old one this time.

  7. Jess

    I love looking at peopl’e drawings with lots of detail and I wonder how they can have such patience! This is great. :)
    Jess x

  8. Beth Parker

    YES!!! I love this so very much, Cindy!! Your imp is delightful and all the goodies in the pantry are very imaginative! I especially like the Swiss Magic Wand. he he Wonderful stuff and the colors are way yummy!!!

  9. Abby

    You are you’re own worst critic, Cindy! This is another fun illustration. I remembered it right away from “prepare”. I really enjoyed snooping through the imp’s pantry – Sham Wow! A must have!

  10. brigid

    Amazingly creative! Your works are so brilliant and out there. I also really enjoy how you post your progression pics.

  11. Sharon Wagner

    Very funny and creative. The Spirits and Portal would be very important in my bag of tricks. And I love the creepy imp. Great minds think alike!

  12. Amanda Pollard

    Brilliant. I see from some of the other comments here that I’m not alone in coveting the Swiss Magic Wand, and who doesn’t need a jar of newts’ eyeballs?! (I’m sure the mysterious fix-all ‘salve’ will also prove indispensible.) Contrary to your protestations, I think you’ve done a great job here – I find tinkering with colours is always the trickiest part, and that the coloured version is almost an entirely different beast from the original pencil sketch, but I really like your palette and the ‘glow’ all the pantry items seems to have :)

    Thanks for your nudges on my blog, by the way – I have replied on there, but am never sure whether what I respond shows up from your vantage point as a (much valued) reader… More anon ;) x.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Haha, thanks! And thanks to everyone! The Swiss Magic Wand is a keeper for sure. Hmm. How best to market such a gadget?

  13. nik

    Well I think he’s quite charming and I covet his striped coveralls like mad. Not only that but he has a Swiss Magic Wand which every would-be imp knows is the Holy Grail of High Impitude…lucky duck.

  14. Jennifer Vitale

    First off I love the swiss magic wand!. There are lots of fun little details to explore it this (the sham wow!). Well done. I like the color but since you said your not quite happy with it I also actually really like the colors on the Wizard Pantry 2. The colors were softer.

    I also wanted to thank you for your wonderful critics of my work. I really do appreciate your advice.

  15. Creations By Mit

    Ha! Ha! Love the contents of this pantry! While eyes of newt might be expected, who knew a Wizard would need a Sham-Wow!? (Its a fact that absolutely everyone needs duct tape) As always, your patterns and highlights combined with bold black line deliver a wonderful finished product!

    Thank you for stopping by my site, and your persistence with the comment mystery!! Much appreciated!!!

  16. angel

    So great!
    I want one of those Swiss magic wands!
    Your textures and colors are really beautiful.
    I love your creative mind.

  17. Dan Barrett

    haha. The duct tape and Sham-Wow were great additions.

    Your use of swirly shapes really work in this one. It’s magical.

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