Tiny Things for Monday Artday, with Copic Markers

Tiny Things for Monday Artday, 9 x 6 Copic Markers

Tiny Things Close-up

I wanted to put this post off just a little longer in case someone hadn’t seen the Llama Genie Airship advertisement. I thought the Cat Ship was my favorite thing but now it’s the Llama Genie Airship.

So here is my “Tiny Things” entry for Monday Artday. It has dovetailed nicely with a recent fascination: hand-drawn sneakers. I swear the Illustration Friday topic “Heights” included many entries with sneakers. And I think I commented on neat sneakers in at least 5 of them –  red sneakers,  black and white sneakers, old-fashioned ones, and others – if I commented on your sneakers let me know and I will add it to this list!

So, one brightly-colored sneaker for scale.  And one flower pot treehouse, perhaps for a pixie. Or a sprite. Or a small shrew. In and around the treehouse you will find many tiny things: a tiny rope ladder and treehouse door, a tiny reading nook, a tiny table and tiny tea set,  a tiny rooftop garden, and a tiny red cat. (I may update this image with some kind of text in the empty space above the sneaker, but nothing obvious has presented itself.)

And now, the pics:

Tiny Things Sketch1

Tiny Things Sketch2

Tiny Things Ink

Tiny Things Frisket

Tiny Things Color 1

Tiny Things Color 2

Tiny Things, 9" x 6" Copic Markers

Thanks for having a peek!

20 thoughts on “Tiny Things for Monday Artday, with Copic Markers

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    What a fashion-foot-forward sneaker! Well executed!
    Love the idea you came up with for Tiny Things. I love the tiny details, the stairs and the woodwork. Oh, and the leaves. And colors. Makes me want to live in a potted plant.

  2. Beth Parker

    This is one of my favorites of yours!!! I love all the tiny things in your flower pot treehouse!! And I would soooo wear those shoes!! I love all the little detail. I have always been fascinated by architecture and this is wonderful!!! Good one, Cindy!!

    Thanks for the clickback, too!

  3. mardi speth

    Cindy, this composition is so fun to explore. It also works well for IllusFri’s ‘Heights’. The swings invite the pixies to play, as does the tiny cat. (Although she may actually be a lioness guarding the place.) It’s a truly magical world! Keep ’em comin’!

  4. Amanda Pollard

    Brilliant, as ever. I really, desperately want to be imp/sprite/small-shrew-sized in order to (more comfortably) imagine inhabiting this wonderful Tiny Tree House. Failing that, I’m considering customising our house with rope swings, in which it is – currently – woefully deficient. The sneaker’s pretty awesome, too :)

    I love that you post a whole series of images charting your pieces’ development – it’s fascinating, and thrilling, to see them burgeoning into life. Although I share your dismay re. the relative immediacy of computer-generated colour effects, I would tentatively suggest that the resultant image – while also v. cool – doesn’t have the same quality of appeal as your unparalleled Copic marker work. Great stuff, Cindy D!

  5. Ann

    Amazing and awesome is all I have to say! I just love love the vibrancy you are getting.And I see texture! Well done. :D Great illustrations! okay I said a bit more! :)

  6. Leslie White

    Do tiny flower pot treehouses actually exist or is yours the first, Cindy? This is so intricate and I can imagine a little one staring at this illustration and imagining little fairies playing everywhere on it. Very good!

  7. Curious Art

    Are you reading my mind?!? For a while now I have been toying with the notion of creating a bonsai tree-house. This would make a perfect model! Fab shoes too!

    p.s. my friend Isaac said Bonsai Tree-house would make a great band name.;-)

  8. bella sinclair

    Well now! This is a very charming neighborhoood. You’ve got the little tree house people. And right next door is the little old lady who lived in a shoe. I want a shoe like that! This is all so very cool. You know, I saw a pic of a guy who really makes teeny tiny treehouses for bonsai trees. :D

  9. nicky linzey

    Love your work. There’s always so much to look at in the detail and your ideas are amazing. I want those those shoes too – could you go into manufacturing ….?

  10. Minnemie Murphy

    I want sneakers like that!! Mna, I wixh I could tap into your rich imagination. The little steps are so inviting – draws me in – literally and figuratively:-) Well done as always!

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