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Day Six. The Acrylics Fight Back.

Day SIX of 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

My first acrylic went well, but subsequent attempts have proven frustrating! I’ve got several small canvases in all sorts of stages, but only this little red tree to show yet. (The 5×7 hound dog is still far from done [see below]. Alas!)

Red Tree Hollow, acrylics, ink, gel pen on canvas paper
Treehouse of the Bird Maker, Copics, ink, on Bristol board
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ art cards

My two latest treehouses, the left one mostly acrylic. I experimented with fine line pen and white gel pen. I did not get the Micron nib pen to work very well over the acrylic, but the gel pen went on quite smoothly.

Hound in Progress, 5″ x 7″ acrylics on canvas board

The unfinished hound. I think he was cuter and goofier in the first one with the orange details. And then it went another direction. Curse you, acrylics! It shall be one hundred different hounds before it’s “done”.

Perhaps, in addition to the daily painting, I’ll just keep doing updates on this one for the rest of the challenge month.

p.s. If you are one of the two hundred or so really spectacular painters from the challenge, I hope it is not too painful to see things this early on the learning curve.

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Maiden Cityscape Mash-up, in Markers

Her City Hair, and Village of the Mind
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

These started with an intuitive face (see last post!), and ended with a cityscape. I suspect the continued blending of subjects shall occur for some time! In addition, here is the threatened dog plus cityscape, and a bonsai community.

Blue Dog City, and Bonsai Town
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ art cards, Copic markers

Have you done any goofy mash-ups lately?

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House in the Crooked Tree for IF

Crooked Tree House, 9″ x 6″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

For “Crooked” at Illustration Friday. I realized that I’ve done a few tree houses so I had to make sure to add new things. Including: a vegetable garden box, a refuse area, a romantic dining room, a beehive, and a tiny tree house growing in a tiny pot. Plus many more things! I also spent more time with the animals.

In ATC news, I’ve been wanting to try some word art, and especially feel-good word art since the news is so ugly, particularly lately. That led to the “Be Kind” ATC below. The second, which is simultaneously awesome and appalling, was made on a lark when someone jokingly said, “What about a unicorn llama with a psychedelic rainbow nightscene background?” I was in a weird mood so I did it. The blacklight idea came at the end.

Be Kind & Blacklight Unicorn Llama
2.5″ x 3.5″ Artist Trading Cards, Copic markers, ink, white gel pen

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Imagination Tree or, Maiden of the Wood

Maiden of the Wood, 8.5″ x 11″ Copic Markers, digital sky

For “Imagination” at Illustration Friday. Have you joined yet? Why not?

This is the Maiden of the Wood, sometimes called the Dreaming One, another daughter of Gaia. One night for this maiden equals one thousand years for us. She makes her bed underground and dreams of magical things while hundreds of human years pass overhead. Often her dreams come to life on the earth just above her slumbering form.

Like the footie socks? I’d like to tell you they were planned all along but no, I tried and tried to do feet. I need to practice feet!  In any case, my favorite bit includes the socks and the underground reading room above them.

Tons of progress pics below (including some close-ups of the final), in case anyone is interested in the way the sketch changed as it went along. I could not get the colors right on the computer – arrgh! – but this is close. I’m not sure I love the greens. I think the underground should be darker. Also may go back and do a trunk design like in some of the sketches. Though more likely I will just move on to the next thing!

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Figure reference photo.

Tiny Things for Monday Artday, with Copic Markers

Tiny Things for Monday Artday, 9 x 6 Copic Markers

Tiny Things Close-up

I wanted to put this post off just a little longer in case someone hadn’t seen the Llama Genie Airship advertisement. I thought the Cat Ship was my favorite thing but now it’s the Llama Genie Airship.

So here is my “Tiny Things” entry for Monday Artday. It has dovetailed nicely with a recent fascination: hand-drawn sneakers. I swear the Illustration Friday topic “Heights” included many entries with sneakers. And I think I commented on neat sneakers in at least 5 of them –  red sneakers,  black and white sneakers, old-fashioned ones, and others – if I commented on your sneakers let me know and I will add it to this list!

So, one brightly-colored sneaker for scale.  And one flower pot treehouse, perhaps for a pixie. Or a sprite. Or a small shrew. In and around the treehouse you will find many tiny things: a tiny rope ladder and treehouse door, a tiny reading nook, a tiny table and tiny tea set,  a tiny rooftop garden, and a tiny red cat. (I may update this image with some kind of text in the empty space above the sneaker, but nothing obvious has presented itself.)

And now, the pics:

Tiny Things Sketch1

Tiny Things Sketch2

Tiny Things Ink

Tiny Things Frisket

Tiny Things Color 1

Tiny Things Color 2

Tiny Things, 9" x 6" Copic Markers

Thanks for having a peek!