House in the Crooked Tree for IF

Crooked Tree House, 9″ x 6″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

For “Crooked” at Illustration Friday. I realized that I’ve done a few tree houses so I had to make sure to add new things. Including: a vegetable garden box, a refuse area, a romantic dining room, a beehive, and a tiny tree house growing in a tiny pot. Plus many more things! I also spent more time with the animals.

In ATC news, I’ve been wanting to try some word art, and especially feel-good word art since the news is so ugly, particularly lately. That led to the “Be Kind” ATC below. The second, which is simultaneously awesome and appalling, was made on a lark when someone jokingly said, “What about a unicorn llama with a psychedelic rainbow nightscene background?” I was in a weird mood so I did it. The blacklight idea came at the end.

Be Kind & Blacklight Unicorn Llama
2.5″ x 3.5″ Artist Trading Cards, Copic markers, ink, white gel pen

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43 thoughts on “House in the Crooked Tree for IF

  1. Meran

    Your work is always fun; you don’t disappoint!
    Glad to know you’re in the world, doing fun stuff and having fun doing it :D

  2. ted blackman

    Oh wow, it’s like Swiss Family Robinson. And look, it’s so peaceful that the cat can sleep amongst the birds no problem.It’s even got honey producing bees for my peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Yeah, I could live there. I’d put my studio on the top floor.

  3. Leigh

    Brilliant – love the house and all those fancy little rooms :) Your unicorn llama came out really well too – you may jusy start a trend with that one!

  4. nik

    A llamicorn? or a unicama? Either way he appears to be a most suave and debonair character, perhaps a protege of the infamous James Bond?
    “Be Kind” is supercool! I wish they would put up random signs like that at traffic intersections. Like a “STOP” sign then “Remember to…” then “Be Kind” all on one signpost. I suppose nowadays they could be wireless computer-generated interchangeable images, with community contributed artwork.
    Your treehouses are my most favorite. If you ever do a Ginkgohouse, may I move in? :)

  5. Beth Parker

    Flabberghasted!!! I can’t even imagine how much time this took. It’s so wonderful and like the others… I want to live there! I love all the amazing little details, right down to that wonderful mailbox. The “Be Kind” card and the night scene unicorn llama are also amazing! Love, love, love these, Cindy!!!!!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Well, the sketch was about 1/4 complete the first day, and the rest took most of a second day. Though in the end I overworked and/or darkened the main tree bark a bit too much. But I am happy with the silly birds and beehive and things! It is pretty fun trying to think of cute, recognizable things to add.

      It’s also only 9″ x 6″. Imagine a whole city of these! In fact, I was thinking of doing a large print with several of the tree houses. But I will have to put that in the idea stack for now until I have the resources to do it. :)

      Thanks so much to everyone for all the nice comments! (Also yes! All the critters are pals and look out for each other and all are fed quite nicely – which is why they hang around!)

  6. Creations BY Mit

    The tree is simply eye candy! So much to look at! But even with all of those details, I somehow find myself attracted to the door! It looks so bright & inviting! Loving the ATC art, too!!!

  7. erin

    Had to take time today to go through all your posts that I’ve missed since being away, such good stuff! Especially love the dogs!

  8. clar anilles

    Mindboggling…….unbelievable that this sort of detail and texture can be created w copic markers! The wood grain on the crooked tree is amazing…..don’t even think I can recreate w acrylics. Cindy you HAVE been busy!

  9. shirley

    As always, I’m floored by your awesome creativity! Love the tree with all of those wonderful details..beautifully done, as well as your ATCs…Be Kind rocks!! thank you so much for your sweet visit recently!!

  10. Alicia Gorecki

    How did I miss this!!! So great bringing your creatures in on this one. I like the flat feeling of the tree contrasted by the volume on the various animals. lots to keep my eye moving around the space!

  11. Laurie Conley

    “Crooked” was the perfect venue for one of your special houses! What I want to know is…how do you get so much work done? And everything is fantastic! You do have me interested in ACTs (or ACEOs) because yours are so inspiring. But I can never find time to do any!! Thanks for sharing all your work. I love to come visit to take a look! :)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks so much! In some ways I think I’m making up for lost time (about 20 years of no art). But I think the secret is that I have no kids and we’re homebodies. And I’ve been really inspired by Illustration Friday, and :)

  12. Ana M.F.

    I love your houses!!
    A unicorn llama is a good idea, you should do a unicorn vicuña too :) do you know vicuñas? They are relatives of llamas and they are really beautiful animals.
    Have a nice weekend!!

  13. lisagrahamart

    Hi Cindy, I am so happy you stopped by my blog the other day…I too find people that way, by clicking on comments on blogs I already follow. I am happy to see yours here too! It seems you have a real gift for small details, something I always admire in other artists! So happy to meet you Cindy!

  14. Donna Jeanne Koepp

    This is so delightful. I found your blog by the comment you left on mine, thank you. I see we were somewhate on the same wavelenght with “crooked” for IF. I also work in construction during the day. As an estimator, I lean heavily on my left brain, so whenever I can, I balance out with art. Love your work. The spiral is also a favortie symbol of mine too.

  15. Nicky Linzey

    My brother and I spent our weekends making tree houses when we were young and this would have been our true fantasy – amazing, so much to look at.

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