A Boot, a Cat, a Maiden, and Three Cool Dogs.

Whimsical Boot, Cat with Fairie, and Winged Moon Maiden
3.25″ x 2.25″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen on bristol board.

The boot is a recent favorite. Your heel has its own tiny chair – it’s the height of comfort! (Did you groan? So did I.) These three are from an address tag swap at illustratedatcs.com, and are meant to be hole-punched at the top and put on a ring. My address will appear on the back of each, and I will in turn get an address tag (with themes chosen from my preference list) from each of the same people. Yay! (The Winged Moon Maiden is Maiden Number 26.)

Have I convinced you that Artist Trading Card trading is super fun yet? How about some whimsical dogs? Made for a swap at atcsforall.com, the sister site of illustratedatcs.com.

Three ATCs for Whimsical Dogs Swap
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen on bristol board.

1. Brutus with Pipe. Brutus considers himself a terribly refined dog, and likes to smoke his pipe in the evenings. Sometimes after licking his butt.

2. Unrequited. The French Bulldog is Jackson. He is in love with a cat. The cat does not return his affections. In fact, the harried feline almost took out his eye in response to his recent advances. If she imagined this event would put an end to the whole business she was sadly mistaken, as Jackson had her portrait stitched into his eye patch.

3. Daisy with Kittens. Despite the apparent moment of calm captured above, Daisy’s patience was being tried, quite severely, by Inky the black kitten, aptly nicknamed The Terror of the East by the rest of the neighborhood. Why couldn’t she be more like her sister Luna, who could fall asleep in a snowstorm?

For more of my swap sets, I’ve posted about the Celestial Maidens, the Elemental Maidens, and Whimsical Robots. Hooray! Thanks so much for stopping in!

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14 thoughts on “A Boot, a Cat, a Maiden, and Three Cool Dogs.

  1. Beth Parker

    Cindy, you never cease to amaze and surprise me with your delightful paintings! I wonder if Brutus’ pipe tastes like butt? he he That comment made me giggle! Keep up the fun work!!!

  2. clar anilles

    Amazing boots on chair…..love the idea. And what long eyelashes on the cat!
    Brutus, Jackson, and Daisy are gorgeous, as usual. Really enjoy reading their mini stories. These would go great on greeting cards….or even xmas ornaments! Have you also thought about putting them on Iphone skins! Pet owners would go wild for these.

  3. roberto

    Hi Cindy, I think, if you let me, you are a person with a large inner world. your drawings speak to me about it
    and you have the fortune of being a creative person, and put this world in your illustrations.
    I congratulate you. each of your drawings speaks about you!! :)))))))))

  4. ruthsartwork

    I love the address tags. Are they printed on a special material for durability? I especially liked the dog and cats. I had two gentle dogs, but I don’t think either one would let a cat sleep on its back.

  5. Creations By Mit

    I am a boot junkie, and those boots are must haves!!! Love it!!! Loving the fairy doing the yoga post, and the latest maiden is beautiful! Love the harmonious color palette. The bottom 3 are great – and your stories are priceless! Poor Jackson! His heart is bound to get broken, but probably not before several other body parts…

  6. shirley

    Woweeee!! I love all of these. Fantastic, my friend. I especially love Jackson..that eyepatch is awesome. And, the boot is fantastic as well..you really know how to create awesome stop-in-your-tracks art. Great work!!

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