Mole Dee for Monday Artday, in Copics

A Mole Named Dee in Copic Markers with digital text

You may have seen the shy tarsier named Nee in my last post, for the topic “Shiny” at Illustration Friday. And now, a mole named Dee for the topic “Moldy” at Monday Artday. Perhaps you sense a trend? Time will tell!

She was halfway out of her den before stopping for a breath, and also to rethink her evening plans. Yes, it would be nice to visit her sister Dinky for grubs and gossip about that new family of field mice. But Dinky had insisted on moving so far away, and only eighty percent of the route was reachable by tunnel.  After a moment’s more thought she turned and went back inside. A nap sounded mighty fine.

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I think I went too dark overall, from fussing with it too long. Wasn’t happy with the colors though they ended up not too bad. She’s also a tad lumpier than needed. Aaah!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Reference photo from the University of Zurich; font is Ugly Qua.

11 thoughts on “Mole Dee for Monday Artday, in Copics

  1. shirley

    Wow, Dee is wonderful! I think the colors turned out really well..not too dark at all. Goodness, great perspective on this piece. Fabulous claws and pattern on little Dee!

  2. Elena Caravela

    She’s a fav. the color, particularly the sky and head, along with the larger scale pattern at her little claws which lends movement to them. Lovely!

  3. Mom

    Thank you for your help!! Been told to cut & paste for yrs. Now that I did it a few times hopefully it’s going to stick in my brain!!Love all the critters & now one looks like a huggable lemur!! Love, Mom

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