Shy Tarsier Named Nee for Illustration Friday

A Shy Tarsier Named Nee, 8 x 10 Copic Markers and Multiliners

Tarsiers are naturally shy creatures, and Nee is no exception. In the continuing effort to come out of his shell he decided to take a one-on-one assertion training class from a small parrot named Louisa, who is quite famous in certain circles for her charming yet firm personality. When not working as an assertion training specialist, Louisa has a small side business in matchmaking. As you might imagine, she has a lot of overlap in clientele.

I’ve taken a small liberty with Illustration Friday‘s daily word Shiny. In this case, shy Nee. He’s got one ear cocked to take in all of Louisa’s wisdom but so far has been unable to relax.

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I am happy with the tarsier but next time would take longer with the parrot and the trees, which were a bit rushed (and look it).  Thank you so very much for visiting, wonderful people!


Young tarsier reference photo.

44 thoughts on “Shy Tarsier Named Nee for Illustration Friday

  1. Linda Cash

    His expression is spot-on for his name. I love seeing how you changed Louisa a few times during your working on this. It’s neat seeing your process in progression as well, how do you do this? Love your copic work, as ever brilliant!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks so much! I have a CanoScan LiDE 700F scanner. I think it was under $80 at Amazon. It only scans 8.5″ x 11″ though that is fine so far because with markers anything bigger would use up too much marker ink. It’s right next to my computer, and when I turn my chair around, I’m at my drawing table.

      I’ve been doing the progression scans so long now that it is not hard to remember to stop and take a scan, though it was harder to remember to stop when I started doing it. ;)

  2. Mary Walker

    I like the description and drawings in the banner. The cow kisses is so cute. I don’t if it’s something that’s always been there that I just finally looked up at or if it is new. Either way it’s great.

  3. Claire Wildish

    Oh Shy Nee, very very clever!! I knew a little girl once who one Lent decided to give up being shy and in 40 days she over came her 8 year old shyness so I have great faith in little Shy Nee. Lovely characters as always Cindy

  4. khwhitaker

    Thanks for the visit and comment Cindy. It’s always nice to see that you have stopped by. I added some blown up frames and fixed the click for big thingy. Blogger does that sometimes and I often forget to check, so thanks for the heads up. :)

  5. khwhitaker

    You know, I realized that I forgot to comment on your illustration. I love his fingers! and all the patterns are great. I am a big fan of patterns.

  6. michele thomas

    Love this guys expression. And your colour palette is so beautiful! Gorgeous subtle patterning on him as well. I like the trees.

  7. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    Ahhhhh! Favorite things – His clever little fingers and toes (meaning of course the way in which you executed them!) and his beautiful glowing green eyes. His whole attitude exudes shyness and makes me want to pet him and say silly things like “there, there”.

  8. Charlotte Jones

    I really love that you include different stages of the drawing – helps to explain how you created it well :)
    Great interpretation of the Illustration Friday theme too!

  9. Beth Parker

    How funny! Shy Nee! Love it! When I first saw it, I thought “shiny hiney”, since his skin doesn’t have a lot of texture. *giggle* Shiny Hiney. ha ha ha ha Love his fingers, too!!!

  10. Leslie White

    As I visit and revisit your wonderful creations, Cindy, I can’t help but think these images would compile into a great series of childrens” books. The introduction to the different animal species and the fun and colorful way you render them would capture interest and promote learning for any child. Not that it doesn’t pique my curiosity as an adult, though, too! I’m not sure I knew of an animal called a tarsier, so I’m learning, too.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks Leslie (and everyone)! Maybe one children’s book with the alphabet in weird animals and their goofy tales. Hmm!

  11. Curious Art

    Haha, that was a very tricky take on the topic! But when that adorable shy Nee is finished with his course, will you send Louisa over my way? I could definitely use some assertiveness training.

  12. mardi speth

    So many unusual critters in the world! I had no idea about half of them until you bring them to light, Cindy. Poor Shy Nee … he seems a bit terrified clinging to the tree, and may be thinking twice about Louisa’s advice. I like the variety of patterning you created in this piece, and the size differences of them. You keep me wondering each week what you’ll come up with!

  13. Koosje

    Shy Nee, that’s brilliant! And i sure hope his training will help him, although I think he’s really cute just as he is!

  14. David Stevenson

    Hehe – Shy Nee is very creative! I think it’s safe to say that there won’t be many similar pics for this subject! Tarsiers are cool-looking little creatures, aren’t they?

  15. michele

    And I think most people will agree that once a piece is finished, there will usually be something else we would have done- That’s a good way to keep creating more art! :o)

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