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Shy Tarsier Named Nee for Illustration Friday

A Shy Tarsier Named Nee, 8 x 10 Copic Markers and Multiliners

Tarsiers are naturally shy creatures, and Nee is no exception. In the continuing effort to come out of his shell he decided to take a one-on-one assertion training class from a small parrot named Louisa, who is quite famous in certain circles for her charming yet firm personality. When not working as an assertion training specialist, Louisa has a small side business in matchmaking. As you might imagine, she has a lot of overlap in clientele.

I’ve taken a small liberty with Illustration Friday‘s daily word Shiny. In this case, shy Nee. He’s got one ear cocked to take in all of Louisa’s wisdom but so far has been unable to relax.

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]

I am happy with the tarsier but next time would take longer with the parrot and the trees, which were a bit rushed (and look it).  Thank you so very much for visiting, wonderful people!


Young tarsier reference photo.