Shoebill and Squirrel Share a Secret, for IF

Shoebill and Squirrel, 8×10 Copic Markers, digital text & background

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The word is Secret at Illustration Friday.

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I was working with the pink background for a while but in fooling with the hue slider in Paint.NET I settled on this ecru. And actually, I don’t have too much in the way of critical comments on this one. I think I reached a good stopping place (and actually stopped!) before over-doing the swirly bits. Hooray!

Thank you so much for stopping by! You are the coolest. ;P

*Shoebill: Otherwise known as a shoebill stork or whalehead (or whale-headed) stork.  Some consider the shoebill a missing link between the pelican and the stork, and they are the last living species of the family Balaenicipitidae. Shoebills live mostly in eastern Africa and are endangered due to loss of habitat. They can be as tall as four feet and are mostly solitary creatures.

Beauty or Beast Shoebill by SKSfoto at DeviantART;  Gray Squirrel Hanging Upside Down photo reference. The font is Ugly Qua.

41 thoughts on “Shoebill and Squirrel Share a Secret, for IF

  1. Sheri McClure-Pitler

    I like the Shoebill and wonder what-the-heck made you think to pair these two up, but I’m enamored of the squirrel. I love the whole upside-down aspect, the just right stretched out lean look of his body, his cute little rodent face, his clever hands and great coloring. I think you should do more squirrels.

  2. Minnemie Murphy

    This one totally rocks! I agree that you stopped at just the right place. I love the shadows under Harriett’s feathers and they both have such lively eyes! Squirrel’s hands cupping H’s head for attention and H’s LOOK just speaks volumes. SO well done!

  3. Laurel

    Secrets about food are definitely the best kind of secret! I love the narrative aspect and the characters and I really loved seeing your step by step process!

  4. angel

    Oh my gosh, this is my absolute favorite so far! I know I’ve said that before but seriously, this is crazy awesome. Love their expressions and colors and pose. Fantastic!

  5. Joyeeta neogi

    Superb piece with such an expressive characters! Love Shoebill’s look and the squirrel being upside down!And your textures are always awesome!

  6. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thanks so much, everyone! I must say this is a personal favorite, too. Often the expressions happen by accident and only then do I know what their story is. Which may be a tad backwards, but who said everyone had to travel in the same direction? ;)

  7. tallulah

    This is lovely! I really like the swirls as a way of adding texture / extra depth to the illustration. What an excellent secret that squirrel has as well…

  8. Sharon Wagner

    I bet the secret is where his hidden nut stash is. If he can remember anyway. Thanks for following me over on pinterest. I added your shouting fox to my art board. I love that one!

  9. Sarah Melling

    Love this!! The ecru background sets off your animals beautifully. I love the way they’re positioned on the page as well as how the text is laid out. Beautiful piece.

  10. Beth Parker

    Cindy, this is so wonderful!!! I love that the squirrel is upside down and he appears to be very amused by the secret he is telling! I really love this one!!!

  11. Elena Caravela

    Terrific as always. I particularly enjoy the dots on the storks head. They bring the two creatures together and harmonize them very well in your composition.

  12. Gay McKinnon

    This one is a beauty, Cindy! I love the squirrel’s expression and pose and the eye-to-eye … reminds me of that kiss in ‘Spiderman’. The lettering looks great too. You MUST do a book.

  13. Ana

    They look so happy I want to know that secret too!!
    I didn’t know about shoebills, I had to google them. They look like prehistoric animals and their plumage color is really beautiful…
    I’m watching this now:
    When they open their wings is beautiful and scary at the same time… Harriet looks friendlier :)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Cool video! It never occurred to me to look for a video. Wow, they look so huge. Amazing they can fly (though maybe not as graceful as some.) Had to mute the sound though, yikes! (Harriet is friendly unless she’s in a bad mood.) :)

  14. Creations By Mit

    I visit every week,and this piece is my absolute favorite from you so far!!! As always, the patterns & colors are great, but I think its how the expressions on these guys really shine through! Love it!!!

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