Milliner Maiden for Illustration Friday

Milliner Maiden, 9″ x 6″ Copics, fine liners on smooth Bristol

Those very fortunate, and very few, who get to meet the legendary Marta the Milliner are imbued with a mystical power of millinery and a haunting habit of haberdashery. Serious hats, is what I’m saying. This is maiden number nineteen.

For the topic “Tall” at Illustration Friday.

I have been saying for ages I wanted to do a cityscape or streetscape of some sort. Also, I like hats. So this is what happened! I still need to do lots more maidens to get the face just right. Or at least more interesting. Also had a few muddying issues. AND the background is a lovely gradation into peach but the lightest colors are always rough to perfect when scanning and then bumping up the contrast. (Any suggestions appreciated!) Thank you so much for visiting!

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45 thoughts on “Milliner Maiden for Illustration Friday

  1. koosje

    combining the love for hats AND the wish for a street view AND the maiden porject AND illustration friday… wow! I love that hat (especially that tiny round door on the rim of the hat – is that a small mailbox next to it?) and the maiden looks totally happy with it too. Nice warm colours, it’s just all a great combination.

  2. Meran

    You really should do a show of your work, price it rather high… You would sell OUT!


    My work is so pedestrian; yours is very imaginative. I could see you illustrating Alice in Wonderland.

    And don’t give me any crap about being “not worthy”… You SO ARE! :D

  3. Karen Sagovac

    I love the crazy ideas you come up with but I have to say that this one just seems to make sense. Great street scene – especially the little door on the brim… ;)

  4. Joseph

    Thanks for showing the progress from start to finish, I love seeing how people go from stage to stage. Also lovely picture, bit Yellow Submarine-y? (Which is a compliment)

  5. Susan Sorrell Hill

    A very fun interpretation of “tall,” Cindy…and I see why you liked my city scape! Lovely color choices here, and the eyes are so very soulful!I love your idea of doing a series too.

  6. roberto

    Ah, it’s a good idea!
    and an excellent illustration, (do not know why, reminds me of some posters of the late 60s, hippies, flower power)
    good week for you!!

  7. Gay McKinnon

    wow, wow, wow! love this one. Great colours and clarity, and a really nice idea. If you find colours don’t scan in quite right, Photoshop can help – that little bucket button to fill an area with a better colour … Hey, I bought some markers and it’s all because of you!

  8. Sharon Wagner

    The mad hatter would love one of those hats! My Girbra is planning to devour the butterfly by the way. Kidding! Everything is innocent in my illustrations. For the most part.

  9. Alicia

    You know I am a huge fan of cityscapes, and this one is all packed into a wonderful hat. I love that each “level” its own unique door and facade, with that great initial entry on the brim… glad you tried it out and yes, you should give colored pencils a try with your copics, they work beautifully together!

  10. Brandi Powell

    This is stunning – such wonderful color and detail! I love how you are willing to share your process shots. I am terrible with that. Perfect for this theme!

    xo – Brandi

    PS – thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog!

  11. Laurie Conley

    So creative! I think this maiden has a very interesting face…her expression is so calm and mysterious! The colors you used and the circus-like detail under the hat makes her seem like some sort of magical ringmaster.

  12. PiaD

    Well I see that this Maiden is seldom seen – she carries her own world on her head. I wonder if you can do some Millinery yourself, have you ever tried? Perhaps that is how you come up with your nutty stories? ;)

  13. Ana M.F.

    Great hat! She must be very creative to have a whole city in her head.I wonder about the creatures that live behind those little doors :)

  14. Joanna McMullan

    Great hat! There’s loads to look at – its reall interesting. A great interpretation of the subject!

  15. dawn bevins

    This is just wonderful, it has made me want a really tall hat! I love the colours and vibrancy, and how you always share how your work develops. :)

  16. nik

    holy highrise headwear…that is a tremendous topper! She is a most fetching vendor of fine hats…you’ve done a wonderful job!

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