Professor Tortoise and Druid Cat, Illustration Friday

Professor Tortoise, 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, white gel pen

Professor Tortoise is a meditation instructor. Now, maybe you think that’s just a dodgy way to slip in under the Illustration Friday topic, “Teacher”. And maybe you’re right! But I did have two days of horrible unable-to-draw-anything funk, and the Professor – Henry to his friends – taught me that if I kept at it, I would eventually draw another thing I liked. (There were many wretched and frustrated hours spent thinking otherwise. It is a poor strategy for art or anything else.)

A few days earlier I finished a certain druidic cat:

Druidic Cat, 3.5″ x 2.5″ Copics

Liam is a Tree Tending Instructor in the Many Wonders Woods. That’s right, another teacher! He teaches tree healing to young cat druids as well as forest sprites. Liam and Professor Tortoise were traded at

Thank you for stopping in! And here’s a progress slideshow!

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17 thoughts on “Professor Tortoise and Druid Cat, Illustration Friday

  1. Alicia

    Wise old professor tortoise, an excellent meditation instructor. I like the how the value and very simple design in the back, warms up the green and brings him right to the front of the frame. Glad you kept at it, he obviously taught you patience and persistence is fruitful.

  2. Leigh

    LOL – nice one! great colour contrasts with Henry, and as you know, I totally LOVE the Druidic Cat! Happy weekend – may inspiration FLOW!!

  3. PiaD

    I am sorry to hear about your lost days. Glad Henry helped you out. Very serious looking beasts this week! I wonder about the white details, are the copic markers so opaque or is it a different material that you used for those?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Hi! It’s a white gel pen I’ve been using more recently. I may switch to a tiny brush and white acrylic paint because the pens tend to clog, and the line is too thick, and it’s generally annoying at times! (The Uniball Signo seems to work a bit better than the Pentel Sunburst, haven’t tried the other brands.) Sometimes the little creatures need a bit of brightening up. Still trying to figure out what works best.

  4. Mom

    Sorry for the lost time etc. but guess if it were that simple even your Mom could do Art (NOT) Keep those critters & stories coming!! Your devoted fan, Mom

  5. Laurie Conley

    Turtles do have a very wise look about them, as do cats! The druidic cat is especially cool to me. All of your recent work is super! I love the maidens and all of the colorful ACTs. I’m very envious of how much work you get done!

  6. roberto

    Hi Cindy, these are two excellent illustrations, the turtle can certainly teach us a lot, but sometimes it strikes me as an animal very little expressive
    maybe the cat is a bit more expressive but not to tell their ancestral secrets, no?
    Thanks for your comment, Ha Ha, yes maybe the man that is fallen, in my illustration is taking a nap. not bad, learn, is a bit tiring. good weekend for you:)))))

  7. Leslie White

    I would take their classes, Cindy. I like these very much. The wrinkles and folds in the turtle combined with the flowered shell are priceless. I like the flowing line of the headdress on the cat and have liked every single cat you have ever done. Are you a cat person, Cindy?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I would call myself a dog person, but I do love most animals and when I’ve worked in shelters I’ve worked with dogs AND cats. I am probably going to start trying to do portraits of Wilson, my dog (see Wilson the Snackmaster page in my sidebar). I am worried they won’t look right which may be why I’ve done more cats recently. But people have been asking for pet portraits. Ack! I think I’m better equipped to do them now than I was a year ago, though. :)

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