Castle in the Mirror for Illustration Friday

Castle in the Mirror, 6″ x 8″
Copics, fine liners, white gel pen, white prismacolor pencil on toned cardstock.

For the topic “Mirror” at Illustration Friday. I’ve been seeing all kinds of IF entries on brown paper and I finally got a large sheet of mustard, and another of dark brown. The mustard is a card stock, so very absorbent and very thick, (though maybe not acid-free or ideal for one reason or another).

I can only manage to get greens or brown and oranges out of all my colors, which is a good start. But I may have to try blue paper too.

Princess Moira, 2.5″ x 3.5″
Copics, fine liners, white pen & pencil on white Bristol board.

Moira is not queen yet, but is next in line for the royal sanctuary. Her mother will probably give up the Queen’s crown by the end of the year, and Moira is content to wait. As princess she’s seen a bit of the workings of sheep bureaucracy, and she does not willingly, or hurriedly, seek more. (Which is not to say the perks aren’t excellent, too.)  Final card for Winged Queens swap at (You can see the first two, Floria the Fey Queen and The DogFaerie Queen, in my last post.)

Thanks as always for stopping by! Please double check your Illustration Friday link, if you’ve entered.

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(I was using artist’s tape around the edges because I planned to do a background, but then I didn’t!)

Sheep reference photo.

21 thoughts on “Castle in the Mirror for Illustration Friday

  1. clar anilles

    Simple superb! I LOVE the mustard and curry yellows, paprika browns, and minty greens. Where in the heck do you get your ideas and inspirations?? Your ideas for illustrations are boundless…..they must come to you in your sleep! And Moira……love her too…I personally know someone w that name.

  2. Creations By Mit

    They are both really cool. I especially love the ornate frame of the mirror! It looks great on the gold cardstock! In the 2nd one, the blues & purples really pop off the gold background. Nicely done!

  3. Claire Wildish

    I love your delicate mirror but Princess Moira is stunning! Her blues and purples look great on the mustard card. She has a real strong character. I think she will make a great queen!!

  4. dawn bevins

    Great illustrations as usual Cindy :)I love the idea of using a coloured paper, I love the colours palette of your mirror illustration.I love Moira too, the look in her eye makes her look really regal. Oh – in reply to your question on my blog post – no masking fluid, I don’t have any – I just paint inside the lines :)

  5. moara

    wow! Your stile is so cool. Moira and the Mirror are both very beautiful artworks. Love the details of the traces and the serenity on Moira’s expression. great colours too!!

  6. The Beast Tender Post author

    Thanks so much for all the nice comments! The colored paper was a fun change! Change is good (sometimes)!

  7. Bella Sinclair

    Ooh, so very charming! I love the concept too! And Princess Moira is very regal. I love watching both pieces grow. And all your recent ATCs are faaaaaabulous! Wow!

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