Woodland Creatures ATCs, in Copics

Basilisk Lizard, A Master of Zen
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copic markers, fine liners, white gel pen

I have to admit I am very fond of George. He was going to get a tree or a fern leaf, but I decided not to risk mucking up his Zen space. He does meditation most evenings. I almost abandoned this card (like many other half-sketched images recently!) but I told myself it would work out. And it did! Possibly my best one yet. I would keep it, except I’ve been keeping too many lately and besides, I have to mail it off tomorrow!

A few weeks ago I made the fox (a different style than my other foxes, though I’m not sure my rudimentary hatching went as well as I’d like), and also the elephant shrew. Photo references are usually linked at the bottom of my posts. I use photos as guidelines and try to make the drawing very different.

Alastaire Fox ATC
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Alastaire is a forest elder and renowned peacemaker. Feuding foxes accept his judgement on a variety of matters from kit-rearing to boundary agreements.

Giant Elephant Shrew ATC
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Unlike her hyper brother Alec, Francesca is shy around strangers. All bets are off once you get to know her, however, because then she’ll chatter at you for hours. Mostly about shrews or bugs. But once in a while, if she’s in a strange mood, about the circle of life.

All three Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) were made for the Woodland Creatures swap at illustratedatcs.com. Thank you for visiting!

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Basilisk lizard photo referencefox photo referencegiant elephant shrew photo reference.

23 thoughts on “Woodland Creatures ATCs, in Copics

  1. clara nilles

    Stunning…..lizard is lifelike…..definitely your best piece. His eyes and scales are incredibly real. Love the murky cantaloupe background. Fox and shrew are wonderful too…..not your normal painting style.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      It’s usually a little talent and a lot of practice! Thank you for the nice comment! ;)

  2. angel

    Wow, George is gorgeous!
    Gorgeous George..isn’t that a song?

    Just looked it up…Gorgeous George is a famous wrestler, haha!
    I bet your George could wrestle a grasshopper with no problems.

    Really though, he’s super beautiful.

  3. Leslie White

    I like all three of these, Cindy. The lizard is stunning but the fox with the interesting texture offered through the cross hatching draws my eye, equally. The face on the shrew makes me want to reach out and hug him, as though he would be comforted. Very well done.

  4. Alicia

    getting caught up on what I have missed from you and OH MY that lizard! This is really really good Cindy, the texture and color are gorgeous!

  5. Yara

    Gorgeous works!!! Very original style. Love especially the lizard and the fox, they are so strong, so expressive and so beautiful!

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