Cats and Spooky Houses for Halloween

Lydia with Pumpkins, Moon Cat, & Cat with Pumpkin
Eaxh 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners on smooth Bristol board.

Here is Lydia, a bright but mischievous youngster. She likes to scare the other kittens by waiting in dark corners in order to POUNCE when least expected. Some of them don’t appreciate it quite so much, and she should probably expect a little retribution one of these days.

Sylfaen the Moon Cat travels the night roads of the world, following the Autumn moon. Her true purpose is hidden, though some say she will hasten death in kindness for men and beasts who have suffered fatal wounds.

The last fellow is Tom, a very tall and wily tomcat. He doesn’t say much but can yowl with the best of ’em.

Two Almost Spooky Houses
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, etc on smooth Bristol

These ATCs were all done over one weekend for a Halloween-a-thon. It was was fun! But a tad exhausting despite the fact it was my choice how much to participate. I am of the opinion that all drawing helps improve us so hooray for an exhausting weekend.

You guys, I am going to try making pendants soon with some of my favorite ATC images. If you have any glass tile pendant notes, please feel free to leave them here! (I decided to start with glass tiles instead of resin because it’s easier and I don’t have to worry about fumes!)¬†Thanks so much for visiting!

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19 thoughts on “Cats and Spooky Houses for Halloween

  1. linda (dots n doodles)

    Hi Cindy, you have surpassed yourself with these. I think the cats are your best ever and I sooo love the spooky houses. So much detail in so small a card. Your fingers must be aching. Fabulous work.

    Every time I look at your work it makes me want to reach for my Copics and practice, a lot in my case!

  2. Susan Medyn

    Cindy you have some really cool work that you just created. Perfect for larger sized paintings too. Cats rules. You stories are great. Go for pendants, eager to see those.

  3. clara nilles

    Cindy….your BEST cat series yet! Love them….so perfect for Halloween…..wish I had time to do a spooky series. And those wonderful tall taled names….where in the heck do you come up with a name like….Sylfaen??

  4. ruthsartwork

    The almost spooky houses are wonderful. I love the eyes in the bushes.

    That little pumpkin looks like the cat scared it. Very expressive cats who look like they are plotting Halloween fun.

  5. Jenny Frith

    your work is very clever, Cindy! My daughter will LOVE reading the kitties bios. :-) I checked out your About Me. I’m an Office Manager too! Go figure. So glad for artwork! By the way, how does one participate in ATC? Artist Trading Cards, correct?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! A great place to start ATC trading is, which has a great variety of styles and skill levels, and everyone is welcome. A large community means lots of stuff going on too.

  6. Bella Sinclair

    Beautiful! I love the blended coloring on all the cats and the roof shingles. Oooh, and that swirly golden moon is wonderful!

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