Shy Goat and a Little House for Illustration Friday

Shy Goat and Little House, 5″ x 7″ on toned paper
Copics, fine liners and white gel pen.

For the topic “Shy” at Illustration Friday. Initially the goat was going to be peeking out of a barn or from behind a tree or something, but it wasn’t working. Then I decided I would do another little house, but less spooky, because people seem to like the little houses. Now the goat is peeking from the frame of the scene, and I suppose that still works. ;)

It also occurred to me that perhaps once in a while I should cut out the long-winded rambling, so that’s it for today! Thanks for dropping in!

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Goat reference photo. (His name is Gilbert!)

34 thoughts on “Shy Goat and a Little House for Illustration Friday

  1. Amanda Pollard

    I love it! And yes, Gilbert (shyly) peeking round the frame definitely works – almost as though he’s discovered am interloper/camera & has come a little closer to investigate… Your brevity is impressive (& you’ve still managed to include your great stage-by-stage views), but I for one love your ‘long-winded ramblings’ ! :)

  2. Yara

    Wonderful work! I like the idea of Gilbert peeking from the frame of the scene that says he is shy but curious! And the little house is so dreamy!

  3. Ana M.F.

    I’m with the people that like the little houses :)
    I love the idea of showing only part of the goat’s face…it makes it more real, kind of like a photograph.

  4. linda (dots n doodles)

    Love the shy goat peeking round the corner and yes your houses are brilliant. How did you find working on coloured paper rather than white as it does affect the transparent copic colour? I have been experimenting with patterned envelope paper but using my promarkers as the paper soaks up the colour.

  5. ruthsartwork

    I love the goat peeking around the corner of your picture. The little house is very cute too and I like the window boxes right where she can get at them.

  6. clara nilles

    ADORABLE Cindy! The sepia tone, cute house with my favorite….crooked downspout……and the cropped Gilbert is just a wonderful combination. Really adds a sense of depth, character, and uniqueness to this piece!

    PS: Gilbert has just a bit of guilt on his face….I wonder what he chewed up??

  7. Gay McKinnon

    Ah, it’s YOUR blog, so I think you should ramble! I like that the goat’s head is sort of pointing to the house (as in, what’s in there) which gets a nice narrative going, & the goat comes forward to give it depth. What’s the little thingy coming down from the roof? I want to climb it. Would love to see you do a little tree house with ladders…

  8. Crotchety Comics

    Gosh, I dunno. That ol’ goat doesn’t seem shy to me at all. Seems kinda in-my-face. haha.

    That’s a smart looking rain spout on the side of the house. All the details.

  9. Leslie White

    The background color is so cool with the colors you chose, Cindy. This works on all counts with the goat peeking from the side. My daughter has these nubian goats and they wander around the property, peeking in at us whereever we may be, while out. Perfect!

  10. Mom

    The house & the peeking goat are adorable as always-when is that book coming? Or how about expanding on the theme for a publisher for a children’s Book? Love. Mom

  11. Bella Sinclair

    Hahahaha! Looks like you’ve been photobombed! Maaaaaaaaaa-velous. :D

    Did you find your pants? My little one likes to go around without pants sometimes. I call her the Pantless Wonder.

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