Chimeric Rabbit for Illustration Friday

Chimeric Rabbit
8″ x 7″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Well, it started as a cat stretching for Illustration Friday‘s topic “Stretch”. Then she got a sort of foxy prehensile tale, rabbity ears and some lizard scales. It’s a rather half-hearted stretch (or her eyes would be closed or her neck would be stretched). She doesn’t get much in the way of stiff muscles, being magical and stuff.

I did a bit of messing around with the color sliders, and got this purple and olive version, which I prefer to the original:

Chimeric Rabbit, original Copic illustration with colors changed digitally

Thanks for visiting! Lots of progress pics below.

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36 thoughts on “Chimeric Rabbit for Illustration Friday

  1. Linda Cash

    Love the morphing from cat to Chimeric Rabbit. Although I love the digital colours (my fav!) I think I prefer the original as she seems to have a more vulnerable look. You have caught something special with the eye though.

  2. Clara I Nilles

    I can see you’ve been busy……this one is now my new favorite…..what a fascinating creature!

    LOVE her long eyelashes…..part llamas, part dragon, and her tail actually reminds me of a lemur too. TERRIFIC Cindy!

  3. ruth

    I love the swirls around her eye. She looks very well put together, holding onto her essential catness with the big ears and tail.

  4. Mom

    Love both & where the Adjective Chimeric came from-I don’t know but it does seem to suit the “Bunnies”!! Love, Mom

  5. tanya

    Think this is great. love the detail, and just LOVE the progression pics, Its great to see how other people work! What materials are you using here?

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Hi and thanks! For a little over a year I’ve been using Copic markers, usually on Bristol board. I use Copic and Micron fine line pens, and recently started using a white gel pen (an imperfect tool!). I got a small bottle of “Pro White” someone recommended (for use with a little brush), but I haven’t tried it yet.

  6. Gay McKinnon

    WOW! Cindy, this one is really gorgeous. I loved the original colours, but the purple and green is cool too. Isn’t digital a wonderful thing? I love your latest banner. The little flying machine with zeppelin is fab.
    I have the same problem trying to follow your blog – can’t get it on my Blogger Dashboard – I guess our platforms aren’t very compatible.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Bummer, Gay! Did you put in your name and email address in my “Subscribe to the Herd” in the column on the right? I know some folks have had trouble signing up. I keep thinking I will change the widget that does it, but I’m afraid of losing current subscribers. (Perhaps I shall look into it!)

  7. Amanda Pollard

    Lovely! Her patterning’s beautiful – particularly along her stretching back – and such sweet, doe-eye(s – I assume it’s a similar story on the other side, if only we could see!). And what an incredible difference between the original and digital colour renderings! I have great admiration for your digital skills, and (if forced to choose) think that version’s my favourite – somehow more joyful, luxuriating in her stretch ;-)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I have to laugh because “digital skills”? Oh no, I do not have those. I am certainly competent at moving sliders labeled “brightness/contrast” and “hue/saturation”, and even adding simple effects like clouds. But I would not call it skills! Very simple things these are (which is why it often feels like cheating)! :)

  8. Amy Newhouse

    I have to say I’m drawn to the colors in the original. But cheers for the ease of playing with colors digitally. I’ve been clicking through the rest of your posts, and you’ve got a great eye for color combinations.

  9. Mary Walker

    Second blog this morning with a pink/orange and a purple/green I’m in favor of the first one myself but maybe I need the warm colors since it’s so cold here today.

  10. Bella Sinclair

    All of a sudden, I feel like my back needs a good crackin’! Hehehe, my doggie does this all the time when he wants food. Your little guy is fantastic! Love all the different patterning and colors!

  11. Glen Isip

    I like the perspective you used on this one. It seems a little “flat” but I mean that in a positive way. It works with the colors and the outlines and the geometric shapes.

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