Explore the Widsy Waddle! For Illustration Friday

Explore the Widsy Waddle! Steed Rental
9″ x 6″ Copic Markers, fine liners, white gel pen, digital text

For the topic “Explore” at Illustration Friday.

I started off with a giant bird but got frustrated with the wings and went back to my old standby, the horse beast! I was going to put a fairy or some other humanoid on his back but then I thought about my imaginary advertisements like Llama Genie Airships and the Elephant Shrew Urn.

Now that I’ve got a handful of these I should do a series. And then a book! Alternatively, I could build on all my creatures who live in the Wonder Woods, merge the advertisements into the same world, and write a historical document and/or  book!

It’s fun coming up with potentially original, commercial ideas! Doing them, on the other hand – much more tricky!

Progress pics below.  (Hmm, I should add a shadow at his feet.)  Please feel free to leave a note, and thanks for dropping in!

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26 thoughts on “Explore the Widsy Waddle! For Illustration Friday

  1. linda (dots n doodles)

    I’d pay to have a ride! He looks like he might amble along amiably. Love your caption and of course another great piece of work.

    I think you should definiately do a series and get them published.

  2. clara nilles

    Wonderful and Wacky Waddles…..gotta Wuv them!
    Great idea on the series of advertisements. There’s a sorta vintage feel to this one….more of them would be awesome. Maybe a series of Waddle carousel creatures??

  3. Creations By Mit

    Woah! That’s quite a beast! Although I am totally unfamiliar with such creatures, I wouldn’t hestitate to climb in that saddle with such a docile expression on his face! Hopefully that’s not just an act on his part…

  4. Yara

    It’s a wonderful illustration! Really an adorable horse beast. Love all the details and the expression of his eye. So original, but this one makes me think of animals in Star Wars. I would ride that horse :)

  5. Ana M.F.

    Beautiful creature! I love the light blue and pink you use and the eye makes it look very approachable :)
    The ride is kind of expensive for me, need to start saving some money!!

  6. Kate

    I LOVE this image! I have followed your blog for a long time, and you are so wonderfully creative! How do you remember to take so many progress shots? I just get so into it that I rarely manage this.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Hello! It definitely took a while to get into the habit, but it’s all part of the process now because it helps me look at the image in a different perspective (on the computer), particularly toward the end. As you’ll see in the next post, I don’t always do it! Thanks so much for your comment!

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