A Dogs and Ponies Show, in Copics

Niles with Fez, and Greta Dog
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ ATCs, Copics on Bristol

Like many of you these past weeks, I got sick! I think it is a nasty cold and not the flu. Still – arrrgh! I have been trying through the kleenex to complete some ATCs, including these two silly canines – one or both of which may join my Art Card Dogs project!

Niles is a bit of a hipster dog. He doesn’t even mind the label. The fez was a joke from a friend, and Niles thinks it’s an even better joke to keep wearing it!

Greta is a big fan of 80’s metal hair bands like Cinderella and Nelson. She doesn’t like the music much – she just likes the hair! She has recently dyed her ears purple.

I’ve also completed a couple horses for my first hosted swap at illustratedatcs.com – horses! Holy cow, have I had trouble with the horses. Many sketches went awry. So far I’ve come up with these slightly less realistic ponies. One day perhaps I’ll share the ones who did not make it. ;)

Luanne & Nelson ATCs
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics on Bristol

LuAnne is a bit shy but very sweet. Nelson is a bit of  modest prankster and also a big hit at black light parties.

And one more thing! I was recently interviewed by a brand new ATC site for kids, atcsjr.com. Maybe you know some young folks who would enjoy it! The interview is here. Thanks for stopping by!

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14 thoughts on “A Dogs and Ponies Show, in Copics

  1. Claire Wildish

    Ha ha ha!! She dyed her ears purple!! What a kook! They are both super cool characters. Did you know that “Where the wild things are” was originally “Where the wild horses are” but Sendak realised he couldn’t draw horses but only wild things!! I think horses definitely fit in the crazy hard box. Yours I think are pretty good. You have a special way with eyes. The character is always there. Congrats on the interview!!

  2. clara nilles

    GET WELL…..love the gorgeous ponies! A first for you? Would love to see more…..they are one of my favorite subjects. Also love the luminosity of Greta’s eyes…..

  3. ruthsartwork

    Your title made me laugh. I especially like the horses. You did a great job on them. I love LuAnne’s mane and Nelson’s dots and stripey coat. They give his coat wonderful texture and definition.

  4. nini

    LuAnne is gorgeous and those purple ears are really THE best :)

    And the interview is so sweet.

    I’m glad you don’t have the flu and I hope you’ll be all fine and dandy soon.

  5. Koosje koene

    I hope you’re feeling better? Fun dog characters, with a great story! I love the hairy collar.
    I think you did really well in the horse department – i like that one on te right very much.

  6. M0m

    The “Pups” & Ponies are great & I’m interested n your interview for the children’s ATC (don’t know what that stands for though I’ve seen it with your critters!! Love’ Mom

  7. minnemie

    The purple ears are a hoot! And no apologies needed on the ponies. I especially like the one with the fashionable wavy bangs:-)

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