Two Woolly Sheep for Illustration Friday

Two Woolly Sheep
5″ x 7″ Copic markers with digital frame

For the topic “Wool” at Illustration Friday. Did not manage an entry for Wheel or Storm but hope to be back in the saddle with these crazy sheep. My intention recently is to cut back on the thick black outlines. I did a bit of that, but could have done more! Still, I think the woolly parts are rather neatly colorful.

And here’s the last cat ATC for the cat swap I was working on:

Peach and Banana
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copic markers

Peach (the cat) and Banana (the bird) were named by a three-year old. Banana seems to think Peach is her mother. Peach tolerates this with as much dignity as possible.

Thanks for stopping in! New dogs posted at the Art Card Dogs project, if you’re following that thing. (Might be cats after that, who knows!)

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Sheep reference photos one and two.

30 thoughts on “Two Woolly Sheep for Illustration Friday

  1. nini

    Aaah, they are great! I especially like the left one peaking from back there. The wool part is indeed very colorful and also very curly, just as it should be.

    I love the fact about the cat having to be dignified about her bird pet :D

    I’m trying to find your mail to send you one but I’m failing :/ Help please.

  2. Creations By Mit

    I am digging the various hues and texture in the ‘wooly parts!’ And Banana is adorable! He’d better watch out, though. Peach may tolerate the mistaken identity only until she gets hungry….cats can be like that…

  3. ruthsartwork

    Love the different faces and eyes on the sheep. I like the contrast of the darker mask on the left one with the plainer one on the right. I like the golden gradations of the wooly parts too.

  4. carolmarden

    This is great, Cindy! I like the subtle colors. (And I like the punch and definition of your black lines,though I totally get wanting to try something new!) As always, it’s fascinating to see your progress from sketch to finished product.

  5. Beth Anne Maresca

    Hi there! I love your sheep and all of your work for that matter! I have been trying to leave you comments for ages about your work, but my old computer never let me! (I don’t know why!!!) SO…thanks so much for all of the lovely and kind and encouraging words you leave on my blog! I really appreciate them!!!

  6. Bella Sinclair

    Heeheehee! Looks like one of the sheep got photobombed. :D Super fluffy cool! And Peach and Banana are adorable. That three year old is a good thinker. All the other three year olds I know would have named them Kitty and Birdie.

  7. hedwig

    Your sheep are fantastic! How could I have missed them? They are like royal sheep, milk-and-honey sheep. The eyes of the left one are so shiny, like made of amber. Super!

  8. Kimberly Naumann

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for commenting! I really appreciate it! I really like how you show the progression of each piece you create. This is something I’m always interested in when looking at other artist’s work. I also like all of the colour in your work! Keep up the great work! :)

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