A Woodland Book Club for Illustration Friday

Josey & Ivan at the Woodland Book Club
8″ x 9″ Pen and ink, Copics, digital sky

For the topic “Eye Glasses” at Illustration Friday.

The Woodland Book Club meets once a month to discuss a book chosen by popular vote. This week it’s Tailchaser’s Song, by Tad Williams. Every member of the Book Club wears eye glasses which is great business for Josey, an ophthalmologist. Some members don’t even need a corrective prescription – they just like to wear them as a token of membership.

Josey and Ivan always get to the Book Club early. They like to try to guess who has finished the book as each member arrives.

I was going to finish the tree more but decided to leave it. Thanks for stopping in! I’m really trying to get back to two posts a week.

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29 thoughts on “A Woodland Book Club for Illustration Friday

  1. Heather Dent

    I love that we both decided to illustrate animals with eyeglasses. Thanks for showing your illustration process! It’s really fun to see it all come together.

  2. Alicia Gorecki

    Love that these members don’t all need glasses, they just go along with the club glasses vibe. I remember begging for glasses even though I didn’t need them when I was a young one, I thought they looked cool.

    I love the lizards expression here, sort of down the nose at whomever didn’t read the selection that week.

    (ps thanks to your suggestion you can now follow me by email:) Great to be checking in again Cindy!

  3. Rod MacGregor

    I reckon Josey and Ivan look for those with tired red eyes…or does she look for those who wink and look proud of themselves?…as much as to say “I’ve read it”…the ones who haven’t try not to make eye contact…or smile too much….sounds like a good game. Nice illo…these guys look intellectual and ready to read.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thanks! I actually wrote quite a bit more about how a member called Patricia has just arrived, and Ivan is sure she looks nervous because she has not read the book. But Josey is actually pretty sure the nervousness is due to Patricia’s guest Hal, the silent boyfriend she brought with her for the first time today. I’d say the tired eyes and proud bearing would be good indicators too, though to be honest, Josey and Ivan are wrong in their guessing about as often as they are right. :)

  4. hedwig

    Wow, great! these intellectual members of your herd. The big blue makes it so different! It gives space and air. I like it!

  5. nini

    ahaha, Ivan’s expression is…. haha… hilarious! I love it. Just as much as I love your little story behind them :)

  6. ruthsartwork

    I love that they have different shaped glasses and the way Ivan looks over his. I need to find some of those John Lennon glasses for myself. LOL

  7. clara nilles

    Wonderful expressive bookworms who’s species I can’t quite figure out yet……baby dragon and dog? Either way they are adorable…..and gorgeous complementary colors. THis would make a great children’s book cover!!

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! I’m good with baby dragon and dog. Or distantly related to those two species. If you look at my banner, the dog-like creature (Ivan) is similar to one of my favorite dogs – Bruce the Beatnik. Ivan’s neck is quite a bit longer, though! :)

  8. Bella Sinclair

    Hehehehe, what a pair! I do love the “check out that one” look that they’re wearing. Ahh, I’d love to be a member of their book club, but alas, they would immediately know that I only had time to watch the movie version of the book. Great texture on the fur!

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