An Eyeball, a Poem, and Purple Things (in Copics)

The Eyeball Jellyfish
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, gel pen, Prismacolor pencil

My first little art card to inspire a poem! (Don’t worry, it’s quite short):

The eyeball could not recall when, or how, it had ended up 
on the floor and in this quiet corner, away from the worst of 
the hard light of the sun. 

As the years passed, its bottom gently 
flattened and inside, the twin jellyfish circled
lazily, much as they had always done.

For a monochromatic swap at, and a prompt with the ambiguous phrase “eyeball jellyfish” – which led to this card and this poem. Here’s the rest of the set!

The Mysterious Girl; Cat, Hat, Owl; and Purple Octi
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ pen and ink, Copics

I’m not sure it’s strictly monochromatic, what with the red-violets (verging on pink!) and the blue-violets, as well as black and white. But limiting colors is always a fun challenge! The prompts for these three were, “masquerade”, “owls in hats and/or cats in hats” and “octopus”. Thanks for stopping in! (No progress pics – but I’ll have some next time.) :)

17 thoughts on “An Eyeball, a Poem, and Purple Things (in Copics)

  1. clara nilles

    WOW….I absolutely LOVE your monochromatic octopus! They are one of my favorite subjects because they are so organic and fluid and can change colors like the wind. Love to see more of them!

  2. Creations By Mit

    The eyeball with the jellyfish is wild! Love it!! (Your mind is a very strange place! LOL!! But it keeps me coming back week after week, so that’s not at all a bad thing!) Really love your color palette this week! I think the octopus is my favorite.

  3. linda (dots n doodles)

    I love monochromatic drawings and purple as well, so how could I not love yours. The eyeball jelly fish poem and card is superb! My favourite is the mysterious woman, but love the owl on the cap. Congratualtions on doing monochromatic in markers, I would find it extremely hard, as you can’t just keep adding white to the paint.

  4. nini

    I honestly wouldn’t be able to choose which one I’d have because all are great in their own way. The eye with it’s jellyfish is so odd ans quirky, the woman looks intriguing, the owl has it’s own cute hat (one of those picture in picture thingies huh?) and the octopus is very pretty. I really like to see what you come up with when confronted with prompts.

  5. Katie H

    LOVE the use of purple – nomrally I’m quite specific with theme but you draw and colour so well I’d love ALL of your artwork on my wall, everywhere….. dreams :D

  6. Rod MacGregor

    what Ted said…Its true a great Eye many way of seeing this…or are we wrong is it just a round bowl full of jelly fish and the one seen from above just looks like an iris? Or were someones eyes stinging? The plot thickens in the Slumbering herd show!

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