The Pitcher Mermaid for Illustration Friday

The Pitcher Mermaid
5″ x 7″ Copics, Micron pens, with digital sky

For the topic “Swim” at Illustration Friday. Have you joined yet? Why the heck not?

A bit of a departure from my usual goofy beasts, to mixed results. I stopped a bit sooner than usual. Maybe because she seems like quite a sad mermaid – and why not, trapped in a pitcher! Perhaps by an evil witch. Those darn evil witches! Actually, my favorite part is the way the tabletop blends into the sky. (The sky was added digitally with paint.NET). And the orange fish at the top. (You may be happy to hear that Nathan (the orange spotted fish) escapes the pitcher and has many exciting adventures in a nearby pond, attracting many followers and ruling a peaceful pond kingdom for many years.)

Well, I am a firm believer that every drawing teaches us things. They can’t all be our favorite one! Thanks for visiting. ;)

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25 thoughts on “The Pitcher Mermaid for Illustration Friday

  1. clara nilles

    This one is gorgeous……love the intense colors especially in the stones. Also love the concept and like the way you left the water clear.

    THe background gradient effect is also beautiful….will check out

    Wish there was such a thing as miniature mermaids to keep in a tank!

  2. minnemie

    Lucky Nathan! Maybe he will tell some merman about the sad mermaid and he will come rescue her from life-in-a-pitcher.

  3. Rod MacGregor

    Maybe it WAS a witch who put this lot into a jug of tequila…and as Nathan didn’t drink alcohol he just jumped right out of the jug..a bit tiddly and walked straight to the most adventurous pond that he could find…I want to see what Nathan did now…Its another mystery at the Slumbering Herd Show!!!!!

  4. Rod MacGregor

    I forgot the end…of course his(Nathans) remaining colleagues got totally trashed and lived a terrible life in the jug of tequila…that was until the Great fairy godmother came and fished them out and sent them straight to an alcoholic rehab unit not that far from the local pixie woods.The end.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Well done, sir. Although I do hope they had a happier life than that! :D

  5. Sylvia Liu

    Wow, I have been away from IF a long time. I have not seen your beautiful work in awhile. I really like this; the colors and theme. I agree with you that we can learn from every drawing & painting, even ones that end up in our closet.

  6. Ana

    It’s a good thing to experiment with our drawings.
    I like the result on this one, how it portrays her loneliness despite all the colourful elements inside the pitcher…her eyes closed makes me wonder what she is thinking about, I hope she escapes too.

  7. Bella Sinclair

    Awwwwwww,she does look sad. But even so, I love this piece! It sparks a lot of story ideas. And her little mermaid scales are wonderfully sparkly. Delightful!

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