Two Ruffed Queens Art Cards

You guys! I present to you these queens though perhaps they should be dogs, since I am sick like one. Ugh! I had a really bad cold a few weeks back that lasted far too long, and when it finally started to go away, I believe my boss brought in the flu. He claims he doesn’t have the flu. Whatever it is, it is horrible. For all of us who are sick at the end of this horrible too-long winter, I hope for speedy recoveries all around!

Princess Beatrice ATC
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copic markers, fine liners, gel pen

Though she preferred to dress in her brother’s breeches and help train the hounds, Beatrice was often forced to dress for important guests and occasionally – much to her chagrin – suitors.

Reference photos for Beatrice include¬†Christine Marie of France and Portrait of a Lady in a Red Dress. I wanted to show how you can get ideas like costume styles from an image without copying it exactly, and also to show beginners that these things don’t spring fully formed from our heads!

Jory with Birds ATC
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Jory’s tutors were amazed when she taught her little birds Gretel, Gosling and Grim to perch on her bonnet when she was just nine years old and the birds were little chicks. As they got older, she had to build a sturdy armature into all her bonnets to hold their weight. Many little girls in the village have tried the same trick with their own birds, but none seem to have Jory’s magic touch.

Beatrice and Jory are Maidens number 70 and 72, and were made for trades at Thanks for stopping in!

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19 thoughts on “Two Ruffed Queens Art Cards

  1. Carol Samsel

    They are both fantastic… I do love Jory with Birds ATC the best!!! Something about those birdies :0)

  2. minnemie

    Oh, so sorry you are sick! It is amazing how much junk is going around here as well- now that we are officially in the spring:-( I have to say that Jori’s coloring looks like she might not feel too well either? ;-)

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Haha! If we showed up in her country, they’d say the same about us. ;)

  3. Beth Parker

    These queens are wonderful, Cindy!! Your attention to detail makes it a joy to linger on each painting and find every little magical touch!! Amazing art!

  4. nini

    Oh noes! Sick again…. gaaaah… that’s dreadful! I hope you’ll feel better soon (and isn’t it horrible when you get sick during holidays when it’s time to enjoy free time and not sick time?).

    Both portraits are stunning! I love the first one (she is so pale and beautiful). Wish she’d have some birds on her head as well to cheer her up a bit :)

  5. clara nilles

    Hope you are feeling better! Its been a long cold sick winter too.

    Nothing better than lovely Elizabethan collars…..very proper…..and Tudorish in fantastic colors to welcome the spring!

  6. Bella Sinclair

    Oooooh, gorgeous beauties! Wow, very regal. I hope you feel better soon. So not fun being sick. Happy Easter!

  7. Mom

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been sick!! The lovely new maidens don’t suffer a bit even when you’re under the weather!! Love, Mom

  8. Leslie White

    I like Beatrice with that suggestion of considering something off to the side by the position of her eyes. Makes me want to know what she sees, Cindy. Neat Queens!
    Hope you are up and feeling yourself, again, soon!

  9. Alicia Gorecki

    Cindy, they are great, truly regal expressions on their faces and in their knowing eyes. I think your warm and cool color palettes add an interesting twist on their character. The first the warm has a slight self consciousness about her, but she is approachable, the second, the cool queen.. is entirely confident.

  10. ruthsartwork

    Hope you are feeling better! Too bad Beatrice has those pesky suiters when she would rather be outside. It must be fun for Jory to take her birds everywhere.

  11. Ana

    Beautiful queens.
    I have always loved these outfits women wore in the past, there is something really romantic about them…too bad they were not that comfortable or useful in real life. Well, at least we have art: paintings, illustrations, movies,etc to appreciate their beauty :)
    My fav is Beatrice but I love the idea of having magical powers like Jory to communicate with birds.

  12. Koosje Koene

    I hope you’re feeling better by now!
    Your queens are beautiful, each with their own style and colour palette. And Gretel, Gosling and Grim are just supercool creatures.

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