A Bear and a Beetle – Copic ATCs for IF

Sun Bear Art Card
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners

Ok, he may not be traditionally sweet, but I think he has a sweet face! Due to some trading requests I’ve done a bit of (pseudo) realism this week! And it’s always sweet (sometimes bittersweet!) to go outside our comfort zone. Submitted, as you may have guessed, for the topic “Sweet” at Illustration Friday.

I have been paying more attention to my process recently. I do a lot of layers with the markers, which not only helps in removing dreaded marker lines, but also results in some really nice blending. I counted the pens I used for this guy. 24! Two sizes of fine liner (0.05 and 2.0), a little bit of Uniball Signo white gel pen, and 21 Copics! Mostly browns and grays, with several orange, two blues and two greens.

Am I relying too much on different marker colors? Could I achieve the same result with fewer? Who knows! I can only do things the way I do ’em! (You will see that many of the colors disappear completely in the scans below.) I could have darkened some more shadows but have been trying to stop messing about with things before I wreck them. Here’s the reference photo.

And now, if beetles can be sweet, how about this guy?

Orange Wonder Beetle Art Card
2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

This fellow was created by looking at this photo of a gray beetle. I tried to give it a name that suited its beetley charm. A beetle against the sky – he could be huge! Or tiny.

Thanks so much for visiting! I should have captured some more progress on the beetle but did a pretty fair job for the bear.

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23 thoughts on “A Bear and a Beetle – Copic ATCs for IF

  1. minnemie

    Oh Cindy, these are excellent! That bear is easily my favorite ever!! His paws and pose are super endearing… though the reality may be a rude awakening.:-) LOVE the way you blended your colors on his face.

  2. Jill

    I have to rest between snacks, too. As a matter of fact, I’m still resting after feasting on mojitos and tappas at a Cuban restaurant earlier this evening. I ate way too much. I love the bear, but the colorful beetle is my fave.

  3. Linda Hensley

    I love the beetle too. It’s an interesting change from a lot of the other things you’ve been working on. I also like the way you limited the patterns in the bear. It makes me feel its fur more than if it were all filled in. Nice!

  4. crotchety Comics

    Oh, I like that sun bear a lot. Great pose and expression, Cindy.
    And I agree; just the right amount of design squiggles. Is that what they’re called? ha.

  5. Rod MacGregor

    Well Cinders…I think the bear has sweet Tattoos (Not design squiggles Ted!)..Love the beetle, it is strangely retro feeling…to me it seems to be waiting for someone to climb on his back…..like you draw!! or maybe a flying saucer or weird planet in the background…But I actually like how your style is developing..I liked it before too…but development is interesting!!!!

  6. linda (dots n doodles)

    Sun bear looks really laid back with lovely soft fur. He’s deceiving us all! The beetle looks like he is waiting to swoop on something and looks great against the simple sky. Love the pattern on the log by the way. I always wondered how many copics you used, you must have a lovely stash of them.

  7. Mom

    Cindy: There is no end to your creativety-love the “hugabear” & the beetle is great! Love, Mom

  8. Kimberly Naumann

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my Illustration Friday submission today! It was much appreciated!You have SO many fun and colourful illustrations here! I especially enjoyed looking at the animal themed pictures :)

  9. Beth Parker

    These are both very very very wonderful, Cindy. I especially love your sweet bear! I often think about markers for my small detailed work. I just keep grabbing the watercolor.

  10. clara nilles

    THis IS a departure from your usual style but still very nice! I love the wrinkles and folds in his skin and gnarly claws……and semi-serious expression. THe sun bear sure is an unusual creature…..almost surreal.

    Beetle is cheerful and upbeat…a nice alternative version of the reference photo.

  11. Carol Samsel

    Oh…. I love them both!!! Your beetle is very sweet …much sweeter than the one in the reference photo for sure.

  12. waughtercolors

    I am so in love with the bear. I never realized you had so many different layers of color. I believe that is why your cards have so much depth. It is very similar to glazing with watercolors (which I do). I think your work has evolved over the time we have known each other, and I like the direction your going in.

  13. hedwig

    Hey, this is different! They have whole body’s, not just faces. I like it! I like the dreamy strare of the bear, and his lazy pose. With the beetle you’ve gone even further and that background gives it really something more. A story. What’s he doing there? Is he looking at something? It starts your imagination.

  14. poppylocke

    These are both fantastic! I love the bear especially – the layering of many pens has really paid off as his fur looks amazing! And he has such a mesmerizing face! Great style as always :)

  15. Janet

    How lovely, I love the expression of the bear, the illustration has a really strong atmosphere. I love the colours in your bug too.

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