People of the Sea, Mermaid Varieties

This post includes the eel maiden from two posts ago, but they look pretty neat all together! I included her progress pics a second time as well for those just joining us. (She does have a story now – see below.)

Felicia, Coral and Shev. Three from the Sea
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″, Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Felicia, the purple one, is a cave mermaid. Not many pods of this variety exist, and those that do live deep underground. One member of each generation swims to the surface to exchange news with the other clans – otherwise we might not know what they look like!

Coral is a coral mermaid. Yes, she has several friends named Coral! At least, that’s what it seems like to us. The mermaid language includes a variety of clicking sounds that are practically inaudible to humans.

The last is an artist’s representation of Shev, an eel maiden. Closely related to mermaids, the eel people are the only members of their scientific class. ¬†According to legend, Shev befriended a tiny village of humans on a tiny island off Scotland, and is said to be the inspiration for many mermaid folktales. Shortly after the entire village was ¬†wiped out by a plague, Shev called upon a Kraken to sink the island so she wouldn’t be reminded of them.

These were made for a “People of the Sea” swap at They are also the final three maidens for my 100 Maidens project, started in July, 2012. Wow! I may start another big project soon. The maiden one was very satisfying (and instructive).

Thanks for dropping in; comments and questions welcome!

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19 thoughts on “People of the Sea, Mermaid Varieties

  1. Mom

    Congratulations on the 100 Maidens & all in less than a Year!! These maidens are very fun-The “Eel Lady” might be my fav but love them all! Can you imagine how many stories you have written so far??? Love, Mom

  2. Jennifer

    It’s very very impressive that you’ve done 100 maidens this year! Are you going to publish a book of them? They are fantastic. Loving Felicia!

  3. Rita

    Cindy, I am so in awe of your drawing skills. I wish I had your talent. Watching the slide shows of your progress it looks deceptively easy! I just looked at all your maidens on Flickr. Amazing. Love, love, love them!!


  4. shirley

    Fascinating, Cindy! Wow, they are all so very cool and mystical. Sheev’s story is fascinating. Your 100 Maidens project is incredible. I applaud you for working so hard on something that meant a lot to you and gave you so much from. I am trying to push myself with a “sketch-a-day” this year. We will see..I am committed. If anything, it does definitely make me stop and do what I love to do each and every day…and that’s gotta be a good thing! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week Cindy. Thanks so much for the visit!!

  5. clara nilles

    Amazing as always! Just checked out your 100 Maidens Project… are incredibly prolific and I can see your style evolving. What will you do with them all? Coffee table book?? Calendar?? Playing cards??

  6. nini

    Oh wow, amazing stories. I especially liked the third one.

    Congratulations on finishing such a huge project! I bet all these cards would look very good in a little book with all the stories printed along with them.

  7. ruthsartwork

    I love Coral’s spiky hair. Felicia has a definite fishy look about her face, especially with the finned ears. Good for underwater life, I guess.

  8. linda (dots n doodles)

    Well done for completing the 100 maidens project in under a year and being so prolific with other art as well. This is even more impressive when you have a daytime job as well. I love reading the stories that go with each picture, please put a book together.

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