Stippled Ammonite Lizard

The Ammonite Lizard, 5″ x 7″
Copic markers with 1.0 Micron pen

Created as a Secret Solstice gift for a very cool dollmaker artist called Ruth Morris. Here is her website! And here is the Sumner & Dene Gallery with more of her totally fun and brilliant and odd dolls! I happen to also be the lucky guardian of a Lion Shaman doll and a Fairy doll.

All of the ink is done in stippling. Something I had not done in one, possibly two decades!  But I think it went pretty well. I did go back with my trusty Signo Uniball white gel pen for some highlights. Tons of progress pics below, as well as some close-ups.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about posting frequency and blog things from my last post. I am aiming for twice a week. Thanks so much for stopping in – comments and questions are very welcome!

Ammonite reference photo.

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22 thoughts on “Stippled Ammonite Lizard

  1. Beth Parker

    My Oh My!!!!! I love this so much!! My favorite part is the wonderful back bumps and their 3D dimension! Very very cool! I’m off to go see those dolls now. Have a great weekend, Cindy!

  2. nini

    O wow! You just may have outdone yourself :) I love this (apart from the outside frame). All that stapling must have taken you AGES but it was totally worth it.

    Awsome awsome indeed :)

  3. Mom

    The lizard is amazingly gorgeous & it’s special “table” is also beautiful to see!! When do you get any sleep? Just am amazed @ all the critters you’ve done & still keep finding new critters & “folks”. Love You,Mom

  4. Rod MacGregor

    I think you stippling is great Cinders…Please keep doing it…for my eyes…it doubles the appeal of your work (which was great already!!)…better just say that :)…It takes it into a different realm.

  5. clara nilles

    This has to be my new favorite…….the stippling effect is wonderful…..looks three dimensional and give it so much texture…..great job!

  6. Alicia Gorecki

    The stippling is stunning:) Truly Cindy, I’d love to see more experimentation with this. It takes your work in an interesting different direction. Very nice!

  7. nik

    Love your rockin’ ammonite rider! Looks like the little guy is hangin’ on tight, like some people get on loopdaloopy amusement park rides.
    Okay, yeah, that would be me, white-knuckling the safety bar before the ride even starts. ;)
    Great post!

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