The Village of Little Sprout, for Jungle at IF

The Village of Little Sprout, process and final
2.5″ x 3.5″, Copics, fine liners, gel pen on Bristol Board

Submitted for the topic “Jungle” at Illustration Friday. My latest unconventional cityscape, it was very fun to make. And I would like to live there. :)

I was also quite pleased with this cat, though she has only the most distant connection to the jungle, having moved to the Great Red Plains in her youth.

Tarabell the Theurgist
2.5″ x 3.5″, Copics, fine liners, gel pen

Shown here with her ceremonial robe and shield, Tarabell was one of the three founding members of the Lunar Cat Council. A cat called Elsbeth wears Tarabell’s robe now, with great care and reverence.

The Lunar Ceremony is open to visitors twice per year, and it is a grand and wondrous honor to see the entire Council in their ancient finery.

(Somewhat more realistic than previous cats!) Made for a trade at

Thanks for visiting! I forgot to send out my last post, so maybe take a look if a robot called Croissant sounds interesting to you.

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19 thoughts on “The Village of Little Sprout, for Jungle at IF

  1. Alicia Gorecki

    Nice Cindy! I like this unconventional housing exploration. I almost went this direction myself, but got caught up in my Jungle Tour Bus. Yours merges the urban jungle with the natural one. I want to offer my thoughts on your cat as well. Feels like you are streching your stylistic boundaries a bit with the treatment of the fur. More gradation and less outline, which plays nicely off you more recognizable patterning on the robe. Keep exploring!

  2. clara nilles

    Have always loved your fairy houses series….I don’t know how you manage to fit all that detail into such a small canvas…..but its fantastic… whimsical.

    Tarabell cat is interesting…..another departure from your style…..did you do some sort of wash or thinning layer?

  3. Jill

    I love your little sprout village. It has tons of details. How do you work that small? And the cat is wonderful!

  4. linda (dots n doodles)

    Love the leafy tops to the houses, makes them look like they have hair. How you manage to get all this detail into this size is amazing. Your cat has a lovely soft looking face with a wistful look in her amazing eyes.

  5. Leslie White

    I would visit you in the Village of Little Sprout” for sure! I don’t know how yu manage to get all that information on such a tiny surface. Amazing!

  6. roberto

    Your village looks like a beautiful and peaceful place to go to rest (I’ll remember it for my vacation ;)
    your illustration of the cat is very good, congratulations!!!!
    I have read that the behavior of a cat in the garden of a house is similar to a tiger in the jungle.

    I wish a good week Cindy!
    PS: Thanks for your comment :)))

  7. Gay McKinnon

    Hi Cindy, I see you are getting into landscapes … but as usual, even your little buildings are full of personality and life. I have particularly fallen for that palm tree, left front, which is just like the one in our front yard, inhabited by possums. (Except ours doesn’t have windows, a serious omission). Your Forest People swap looks amazing. What a great idea! Keep ’em coming…

  8. minnemie

    I love your little village. I’m moving in tomorrow, provided that the little two story palm house with porch is still available? ;-) very cute.Your ideas always delight me:-)

  9. Rita

    I have a little bit of a “thing” for treehouses. I always admired the Berenstain Bear’s treehouse and thought if I won the lottery I would hire an architect to build me a house in a tree…so when I saw this I LOVED it. I want to live in it. I’m saving it to show the architect!

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