Another 100 Maidens?

Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Snow Sister, a Witch for Oddbreed and Cousin Naini. Multicultural maidens! Because I try to branch out from drawing conventionally pretty white girls all the time. I don’t always succeed. In my defense, I don’t want to offend anyone by drawing an unfamiliar culture poorly! Or accidentally including an offensive detail. (Please tell me if you see any!)

One thing, at least, is clear. I need more work on noses and mouths. Also, I should do some three-quarter views. So many things! Which is why I thought maybe I’d upgrade the 100 Maidens project to 200 maidens. I’ve probably got at least another 15 or more already done, including the three above.

Here are a few multicultural maidens from my first 100:

Maidens from Distant Lands, previously created
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Thanks for dropping in! A few progress pics below.

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19 thoughts on “Another 100 Maidens?

  1. clara nilles

    These are gorgeous and exotic! The details, unique characteristics, and textures…….its amazing what comes out of your imagination! 200 maidens…..would be spectacular to see!

    My favorite (s) are the distant lands African maiden, Geisha, and Indian girl.

  2. Rita Barton

    These are all beautiful Cindy, your three news and the earlier ones. I admire your ability to stick to a theme…I’m always all over the place. How long do each of these take you?

    In regards to your camel comment (thanks for being such a loyal visitor! I love seeing your name in my inbox!) I think what strikes me as so exotic the two humps. Whenever I see camels in California they have only one…


  3. minnemie

    Aaah, yes. The witch’s nose is offensive. It looks like mine! Ok, just kidding (about it being offensive) :-) I love that through your eyes/pen, even a witch with a long nose qualifies as a maiden. You just keep going and delighting us with your never ending imagination.:-)

  4. AnnD

    I second Sarah’s vote. More, more, more!

    Also, it’s hard to imagine your doing anything offensive. The mere fact that you’re sensitive to the possibility makes the possibility less likely. :)

  5. Gay McKinnon

    My fave is the brown skinned maiden on the right with the full-on henna face painting. And the Japanese maiden, too. Know what you mean about worrying that you might get it wrong and offend someone … I have nightmares about that! Hey, is that Barbra Streisand – top left, Beauties and Beasts???

  6. Sal Scheibe

    The maidens are absolutely gorgeous! I really love the snow queen (I hope you entered that swap!). She’s just gorgeous. Try drawing your own nose while looking in a mirror. It’s helpful for getting nose shapes down from different angles. :)

  7. Mom

    In the 1st 100 I don’t remember the side view one! Her nose & mouth are exquisite!! Tjis set-my “Fav” if I must have one is the 3rd what a beauty!! Love, Mom

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