Further Fancy Frocks! Ink ATCs

Cecille in the Portrait Room, and Housedress
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Cecille, on the left, is probably my favorite bit of vintage fancy clothes so far. I’m running a “Victorian & Other Elaborate Feminine Costume” swap at illustratedatcs. So, I like to make a lot of examples to draw people in. (It’s a few months off yet. I should probably pace myself a bit.)

As often happens, two of my current fixations merge into one! Here we have the Housedress – part fancy frock, part tiny house.

This ATC mashup brought to you by The Slumbering Herd. I have actually been thinking lately of changing the blog name. It’s a bit too long and unwieldy. You’ll be the first to know. Well. Probably the second.

Red Gold Dress Study, Ainsley Rabbit
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

Ainsley Rabbit was made in response to a request for something Scottish. I think he’s pretty cute. (Or cat! Some people think he looks like a cat.) :)

That’s for stopping in! Slideshow below.

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21 thoughts on “Further Fancy Frocks! Ink ATCs

  1. Rod MacGregor

    Haha…Being half Scottish myself, I have to love Ainsley Rabbit…The house dress made me wonder of you could turn that design into a fancy dress costume…cool

  2. clara nilles

    These are so elegant….especially Cecille. There is a classic baroque feel to the painting.
    Ainsley Rabbit is wonderful……I like the grid background that contrasts with the tartan plaids. Beautiful colors too.

    Curious….why would you want to change blog name…..what would you change to…..

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      I’m glad to hear people reacting to the blog name comment. I’m not sure if I’ll change it! But it often does seem some of the most memorable names are much shorter and punchier. When people ask, I often have to repeat it. But maybe that’s not so bad.

      The other thing is, does it mean anything? Does it need to mean anything? Originally I didn’t draw eyes so all these creatures had their eyes closed… so the name made sense! Now I like to do eyes so rarely do you find one slumbering anymore. :D

      Maybe I need to write a little story about “The Slumbering Herd”. And then we’ll all know what it means. (Holy cow, my longest reply comment ever, maybe!)

      1. clara nilles

        Its interesting……because I ONLY know your artwork and style as The Slumbering Herd. Maybe because I’m used to it…..and its so unique….almost a shame to change it but I DON’T want to sway you in any way! I think somewhere along the line I changed my blog name too.
        On the flip side……as an artist especially online…..you want to change things to keep people interested and coming back to visit…..its a tough call….

      2. minnemie

        I see what you are saying… but I vote that as an artist you have the right not to have to explain – it does not have to make sense:-) And I thought “herd” to be code for “a collection or family” of whatever you are painting at the time… you know, like a herd of little houses, a herd of maidens, a herd of dogs…;-) And they are so full of imagination that they can ( and should) live in our dreams… that ‘s the slumbering part:-) Of course not trying to sway you either, but… just saying it does not have to make sense:-)

  3. minnemie

    Hey, that rabbit rocks… but change your blog name??? Sob-sob… of course I’ll still come, but I’ll miss TheSlumberingHerd…

  4. Leslie White

    I think it is just the sharp cut edges on the rabbit’s ears that lend a cat-like look to him. I have some in my backyard who look just like him without the clothes, Ha! The lady’s expression cracks me up! If I had to wear a headpiece, I think I’d look the same way, mostly because I’d have a heck of a time keeping it on. Endlessly creative, you are!

  5. Sal Scheibe

    These dresses are just gorgeous and that tartan bunny is seriously awesome! I now want a tartan bunny and I don’t even collect bunnies or tartan. I’m looking forward to starting my fancy dress cards. It’s going to be an epic swap! :)

  6. AnnD

    BUNNY! You have no idea how much I love that bunny!

    And I never thought twice about The Slumbering Herd. I like the name a lot. To me, it conjures images of all of the animals patiently waiting inside your head for their turn to come out onto the paper . . .

  7. ruthsartwork

    I love the “house dress”one So clever. I thought your Scottish beast was a cat at first, too, but I can see it either way. I love his plaids.What clan is he from? LOL

  8. David Jernigan

    Cindy, I like the maiden illustrations you posted. The Renaissance clothing works well with your detailed and textured style. All the patterns and textures on that period clothing looks great with your particular design. I love the ice maidens.

  9. Karen Knutson

    I love your drawings very much. Thanks for posting on my blog too. I’m excited to do the 30 paintings in 30 days again this year. Keep up the great work!

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