A Girl and Her Bird, Acrylic and Ink

Danielle and Sinbad
6″ x 6′ Acrylics, ink and gel pen on gessobord

Challenge Day 27! Another experiment on smooth gessobord. The bright crazy background is my new Golden C.P. Cadmium Orange. (I think the CP stands for cadmium pigment.) I was going to add some ink design to it but once again, it’s time for bed.

Hey look, it’s another fancy hat! (I wonder if it’s the influence of free Project Runway reruns playing on Hulu in the background.) I try to vary the eyes so I’m not doing the same face all the time, but I need lots more work on noses and mouths.

Also! This is maiden number 149.

Finally decided I will definitely join the 29 Faces Challenge which conveniently starts immediately after the 30-day challenge. It’s funny how many people doing the 30-day challenge seem sad it is ending soon!

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