Animal Hat Masquerade, in Acrylics

I was going to say “Cat Hat” instead of “Animal Hat”, but I suspect it looks more like a bear hat, or possibly a brown wolf hat?  I shall call it a cat-bear-wolf hat.

Animal Hat Masquerade
6″ x 8″ Acrylics canvas on 3/4″ frame

Submitted for the topic “Disguise” at Illustration Friday. And it is Day 26 of the 30 Day Painting Challenge!

You will see in the progression photos (still quite amateur quality photography), I changed colors quite a few times. Maybe I should have stuck to blues and the first, lighter blue background. I’m also not totally sold on that bulky blue-green tunic. But I must stop here and move on!

Thanks for stopping in!

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15 thoughts on “Animal Hat Masquerade, in Acrylics

  1. Tammie


    your art is quite fun
    i enjoyed seeing the different steps you took to create this
    fun that you cut it out and clued it onto another canvas.

    1. The Beast Tender Post author

      Thank you! I didn’t cut it out, I just re-painted the background a few times!
      (The light outline makes it look like a cutout, you’re right!)

  2. hedwig

    I don’t know how you did this, but it looks 3-dimensional. The hat and the face are like different pieces and the mask with the eyes seems to be an embroidered piece layed op top of that. Great!

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