Margaret and Penelope, for February 4

Margaret, Who Collects Vintage Thimbles
6″ x 6″ Acrylics and ink on canvas board

Margaret is Face #3 of the 29 Faces Challenge. She is not the best of my recent acrylic adventures. But a fine exercise nonetheless.

A Pixie Named Penelope
2.5″ x 3.5″ Ink on smooth Bristol

This little pixie was started for a Fairies and Folklore ATC swap. She is Face #4 (and may show up in color down the line). Her bird friend is called Warrick.

Thanks for stopping in! Go Go 29 Faces!

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20 thoughts on “Margaret and Penelope, for February 4

  1. AnnD

    Margaret looks fantastic! Her eyes are absolutely captivating! I love her headdress, too.

    Penelope is 68 kinds of adorable. Possibly 69 or 70.

  2. Sarah

    they are both wonderful!!! I love all of the details on margaret’s headdress and the fact that she collects vintage thimbles ;)

  3. Sal Scheibe

    Vintage thimbles? Cool! I especially love Margaret’s wobbly little lips, and brimming eyes. It looks like she’s on the edge but in a super cute way :)

  4. giggles

    You do such amazing work I adore your style so much!! Those dogs will be stuck in my craw for a long time to come…Rocco looked so love sick and she is sweetly smitten! Thanks for showing your process….I love how you pulled the depth out!! Margaret is beautiful too!!

    Hugs Giggles

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