Two in Brown and Blue, Inked Art Cards

Two things are preventing more posting:

1. I am making secret things for a secret swap. They are cool! But just in case the intended recipients happen by here, I cannot post them yet. Also,

2. I have a regular full-time office job and things are rather hectic and stressful at the moment. Arrrgh!

However, I would like to post to Paint Party Friday with these  two pen and ink art cards. I like to think they both have a touch of zen to them. Hello, PPF peeps!

Gnome House and Sebastian the Messenger
Each 2.5″ x 3.5″ Copics, fine liners, white gel pen

A Gnome Called Figgum lives in this tree in the Spring when his wife goes to stay with her sister. The rest of the year he rents it to small-statured tourists including the occasional exotic-location-wedding guest.

The beaked fellow is Sebastian, who belongs to the Messenger Guild. Most reliable small package delivery on the planet!

Thanks so much for stopping in and I hope everyone has a restful weekend. Unless you’d prefer the more active sort of weekend. If so, good luck and I shall watch from my lawn chair*, sipping tea. ;)

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*I don’t actually have a lawn chair.

17 thoughts on “Two in Brown and Blue, Inked Art Cards

  1. AnnD

    Like Valerie, I also love your drawings, but I seriously want to visit the well from which your stories arise! Figgum is possibly the most perfect gnome name of all time, and it perfectly suits a (temporary) bachelor who is otherwise a landlord. So clever, you are!

    The details in your work continue to amaze me. Who thinks to put swirls in a tire? And slats in goggles? YOU!

    I love to observe the increasing intensity of your WIP shots. You’re a wonder!

  2. Nicole/Beadwright

    Wowowow I love your art. The back story is amazing too. I thought maybe Sabastian lived in the house. Very nice. Hope work settles down a bit too.

  3. clara nilles

    Love the Gnome Treehouse……your “little homes” are always a delight! Keep them coming!
    And big beaked Sebastian…..adore his aviator glasses. Hope you had a nice artful holiday……

  4. Ruth Hayes

    You can borrow one of my lawn chairs, Cindy. Or we could sit in my gazebo.

    I love Figgum’s little home away from home. Are Sebastion’s services very expensive? One can never have too may postal carrier options.

  5. David Jernigan

    Cindy, I like the aviator goggles on Sebastian the Messenger. Looks steampunk like. I remember that series of house you made a few months ago. I like you create home designs.

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